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Story #6330: Address feedback on MetacatUI features and usability

Address metacatui feedback from Gastil-Buhl

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Gastil wrote:

@I only did a simple test. I entered the word coral in the text box at the top of the page. It found zero datasets. I tried also with the word kelp. Before I test further may I ask: is there any data yet? That is, should it be finding any dataset in the knb metacat? There are datasets in (the real) knb metacat with coral and kelp. Perhaps I am using the search box the wrong way? Is there something else to click on the page, such as the ONEMercury checkbox "show only datasets with data" (which of course they mean "with data deposited in a member node".) On the results page I did find a checkbox "Includes data files" but that check box had not been presented yet on the landing page. Also I notice clicking that box does not have any visible result, such as appearing checked.

This is with Firefox 16.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.8

We need to discuss with her how this arose for her. The report that the checkbox is not changing state for her at all indicates that the app may not be loading properly. Maybe she has Javascript turned off, or with limited access? In any case, she should be seeing results for the queries she entered.

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There is an error in Firefox 16 pointing to jQuery that I will be looking into. I created a ticket for that issue here:

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Everything looks good in Firefox 16 now - we can upgrade KNB this week for Gastil to try again.


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