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User, Group, and Member Node profiles

Added by Lauren Walker over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Task #6914: Pending map request does not get removed from the UI when it is successfully confirmedResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6896: User is not signed out when session expiresResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6878: Only display the user profile page for yourself when you are logged inRejectedLauren Walker

Task #6871: Add more labeling to the account search inputs on portal pagesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6856: Display a list of groups the user is in on their profileResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6920: Change format of "Contributor since.." in profileResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6921: Show total amount of downloads underneath the username ResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6922: Create Member Node profilesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6925: Add pager to the group members listResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6926: Make group name/title in profile a link to the group profileResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6927: Display user email address in profileResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6930: Change downloads chart to bar chart with log scaleResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6931: User profile is grayed out sometimes even when activity is foundResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6932: Metadata download stats are shown even though no metadata docs were uploaded by that personResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6933: Download stats are wrong when logged in and viewing in FirefoxWorks For MeLauren Walker

Task #6934: Apply partial COUNTER compliant filters, not fullResolvedLauren Walker


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