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doubleCheck final DB: QA of plants and communities

Added by Michael Lee over 21 years ago. Updated over 17 years ago.

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DFL evaluate & test, conceptual (no pun intended) issues work.

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Blocks VegBank - Bug #709: Enter EcoArt 2.96ResolvedGabriel Farrell11/13/2002

Actions #1

Updated by Michael Lee over 23 years ago

just not time for these bugs in 1.0, pushed to 1.1

Actions #2

Updated by Michael Lee over 21 years ago

explore the ecoArt population of the VegBank community module to make sure that
concepts are loaded as they should be. There should be a way to view the tables
directly or indirectly provided by Harris or Farrell.

Actions #3

Updated by Michael Lee about 20 years ago

Plants done by MTL. Databases provided at: for Peet's inspection.
Communities have not been detailed QA yet.

Actions #4

Updated by Michael Lee about 20 years ago

QA of communities complete, data from doldrum:vegbank102. No errors-matches the
ECOART version I had exactly.

There were a few minor issues regarding encoding, which we may have inherited
errors from EcoArt, but our population of EcoArt to Vegbank is exactly right.
Actions #5

Updated by Michael Lee about 20 years ago

The only thing I'd suggest is renaming some of the classSystem values (OK, all
of them). Currently we have:
CEGL English Common NVC

These should be renamed:
code, NVC-Scientific translated, NVC-Scientific

This could be easily done with some SQL updates. Non-urgent.

Actions #6

Updated by Michael Lee about 20 years ago

I consider this bug essentially complete, therefore, move priority to 5.
We should double check once the data are in the final vegbank version that they
indeed match the vegbank data that was used in the QA process.

Bob could also do some checking of problematic taxa to make sure it's right.
But the systematic QA of ecoArt/USDA to VegBank is done.

Actions #7

Updated by Michael Lee about 20 years ago

Bug complete for version 1.0.2

The final dataset for 102 release is identical to the datasets used in the QA
process. Plants and Communities are populated (and encoded) correctly. New bug
will be created, as there are 2 plants that were for some reason not originally

If Bob wants to look through these in VegBranch (which has an identical dataset
to vegtest), that's fine. It will be in VegBranch 102 release.

Actions #8

Updated by Michael Lee about 19 years ago

best place to look for plant and comm QA, bob is on VegBank, using the queries
for plant and communities, then seeing the comprehensive views of each plants
and comms. Some fields are not displayed there (dates), but the general view of
what's going on is there.

Actions #9

Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 704


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