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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2339 Morpho Bug Resolved Normal Triage bugs P. Anderson 08/12/2009 03:40 PM
2205 Morpho Bug Resolved Normal Can't open local data files if non-directories exist in data/ dir Saurabh Garg 11/28/2005 02:25 PM
2088 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal selected plot summary rows appear as selected on other pages P. Anderson 05/31/2005 12:04 PM
2066 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal parse field and sort order from xorderby_FIELD_SORT P. Anderson 04/15/2005 11:57 AM
2045 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal Simple query should use plant view for query P. Anderson 03/17/2005 01:58 PM
1957 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal createIndices.sql should drop sequence before creating P. Anderson 02/10/2005 02:52 PM
1954 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal userDefined: display in entity views Michael Lee 08/11/2005 05:33 PM
1953 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal notes: link to view/add note in views P. Anderson 04/06/2006 07:31 PM
1952 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal Load userdefined during XML load P. Anderson 09/11/2006 03:10 PM
1866 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal Display a user's data loads P. Anderson 09/11/2006 03:10 PM
1865 VegBank Bug Resolved Immediate load classContributors on XML load P. Anderson 09/11/2006 03:10 PM
1864 VegBank Bug Resolved Immediate run accession Code Gen after XML Load P. Anderson 09/11/2006 03:10 PM
1862 VegBank Bug Resolved Low treat plantConcept and commConcept matching accCodes differently Michael Lee 09/11/2006 03:10 PM
1456 VegBank Bug Resolved Immediate Plot query broken for guest user P. Anderson 08/10/2004 10:00 AM
1256 VegBank Bug Resolved Normal admin: update user certification P. Anderson 05/04/2004 02:26 PM
1246 VegBank Bug Resolved Immediate New user registration has DB error P. Anderson 01/18/2004 01:49 PM
1194 VegBank Bug Closed Immediate vegtest build targets P. Anderson 11/09/2003 05:03 PM

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