From 09/29/2003 to 10/28/2003


02:53 PM Bug #1195 (Resolved): tracking bug for 2.0.1 release
This bug lists all remaining housekeeping issues to be resolved before the EML
2.0.1 release can be distributed. Pl...
Matt Jones
02:48 PM Bug #1154: All children of required "offline" element are optional in PhysicalDistributionType
Cleaned up documentation for offline medium some, but I am not comfortable with
making mediumName required, because t...
Matt Jones
02:41 PM Bug #1151: misspelled element name
FIXED. Matt Jones
02:40 PM Bug #1151: misspelled element name
Renamed this simple type name so that it is spelled correctly. As it does not
actually correspnd to an element name ...
Matt Jones
02:39 PM Bug #1150: documentation for KeyTypeCode is wrong
Fixed documentation, making the lists of types match, and provided full
documentation for each of the KeyTypeCode val...
Matt Jones
12:39 PM Bug #1155: Documentation incorrect for dateTimeDomainType bounds
Created a new group called BoundsDateGroup that allows the documentation and
model to be different for date bounds th...
Matt Jones
12:38 PM Bug #1153: dateTimeDomain element should be optional
Made the dateTimeDomain element optional. Note that this is fine for
dateTimeDomain because bounds is optional and t...
Matt Jones
12:36 PM Bug #1149: BoundsGroup bounds min & max have incorrect cardinality
Changed the content model to fix this problem. Now the model allows either
minimum, maximum, or both, as described i...
Matt Jones
10:06 AM Bug #1152: datetime element does not use consistent naming
This is a relatively minor issue, and I think that it is not worth breaking
backwards compatibility to fix it. I'm r...
Matt Jones
10:02 AM Bug #1124: update precision field definition and cardinality
Resolved. Proposed changes have been checked into cvs for precision field. Matt Jones


10:21 AM Bug #1193 (New): Temporal Description Missing?
A temporal description field is not currently available. Should a temporal
description field (paragraph format) be ...
Christy Bowles

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