From 04/18/2008 to 05/17/2008


01:27 PM Bug #3232: EML parser limitations
With regard to comment #3 (2 failed docs):
1. the first test shows how many 201 docs will fare when validated agains...
Margaret O'Brien
12:24 PM Bug #3232: EML parser limitations
Regarding Comment #2 about not neededing the EML Parser, I disagree. A valid EML document requires more than just sc... Matt Jones
12:17 PM Bug #3232: EML parser limitations
These are two tests were to see if the older versions of eml.2.0.1 would validate with the newer version. Very simple... Callie Bowdish


10:49 AM Bug #3232: EML parser limitations
I'm concerned that a requirement to rewrite the parser first will significantly impede the release of 2.1.0. Obvious... Margaret O'Brien

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