From 05/05/2009 to 06/03/2009


08:35 AM Bug #3844: none-of-the-above community placeholder: EntryTool
added to entry tool download files. Michael Lee
08:03 AM Bug #2918: Headers of entry forms are annoying
This has withstood QA and is looking good- better than before, certainly. Michael Lee
07:34 AM Bug #3012: For level 1 data, redundant error check: plot size missing
fixed, v227_p5/27p Michael Lee


07:48 AM Bug #3011: Logical check: reasonable sizes between ddh, Ht, DBH
This shows that DBH/ddh should be between .15 and .85, generally Michael Lee
07:33 AM Bug #3799: Create taxon collection list inside the Entry Tool
I'll save comment #2 for an eventual upgrade directly to the archive db. For now, everything else is done. Michael Lee


01:46 PM Bug #2923: clean up: Importing from 2.0.4 and before can cause odd message about users/parties
done v227_p0508zd Michael Lee
12:34 PM Bug #2883: Monitoring data: how to determine ordering of rows?
order is determined by original entry and can be updated at any time in the entry tool with up and down blue arrows. Michael Lee
09:34 AM Bug #3933: If plot X and Y are switched, need a check box to indicate that
This has been created in version v227p0508z. It maps the Y axis as negative numbers in the mapping, but displays all... Michael Lee


02:55 PM Bug #3788: Check county,state using geocoordinates with taxacom script
Or GEOLocate, see same pdf as previous comment. Michael Lee
02:51 PM Bug #3788: Check county,state using geocoordinates with taxacom script
I think this refers to BioGeomancer classic, described in the pdf linked from bug 3916 Michael Lee
01:47 PM Bug #4042: project 99 soils are listed in archive as 099-07 but should be 099-01
Liz says team 1 is correct, so that's what it is now in the archive db, analysis db, and entry tool. Michael Lee
01:41 PM Bug #2918: Headers of entry forms are annoying
A modest workaround now exists for this where a set of controls gets placed underneath the main header controls so th... Michael Lee

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