From 04/04/2005 to 05/03/2005


10:10 AM Bug #2041: Servlet should save Data (EML) to user's ~/.jalama directory
done by MB Matthew Brooke
10:09 AM Bug #2017: Build deployment server using http over tcp/ip
4) Need to mirror the directory structure proposed in bug #2021, comment #1,
when doing the sync - so in other words,...
Matthew Brooke
09:59 AM Bug #2021: Morpho Plugin - Basic Dataset Upload and Merging
Finished first version of morpho plugin.
Matthew Brooke
09:56 AM Bug #1941: Data Collection Output Should be a Complete EML Document
john did this Matthew Brooke


05:23 PM Bug #1089: Write research paper on Jalama
assigned to chris Matthew Brooke
04:44 PM Bug #2037: Promoting Data/Metadata
also need to be able to select which columns should *not* show up on the form
(for example in GCE crab data - they c...
Matthew Brooke
04:02 PM Bug #2037: Promoting Data/Metadata
(this and previous comment are in morpho plugin)
for now - put in "additional metadata", if user says it needs to g...
Matthew Brooke
03:47 PM Bug #2037: Promoting Data/Metadata
when generating form, allow form designer to specify which columns will be
*constant*, and where they should be writt...
Matthew Brooke
04:21 PM Bug #1938: XBL Datatable Widget - allow user modifications to auto-increment field
first pass - show toggle button to allow user in field to switch between
increment and decrement
Matthew Brooke


10:40 AM Bug #2021: Morpho Plugin - Basic Dataset Upload and Merging
basic call to merger done - only thing left to do is split data out and make it
online instead of inline, then get mo...
Matthew Brooke

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