From 10/25/2006 to 11/23/2006


05:47 AM Bug #2677 (Resolved): kepler hangs when home directory is on an NFS mount
When I start in a freshly unzipped kepler distribution, the process hangs on the splash screen.
Dennis Dok


10:11 AM Bug #2408: Need composite actor instance in actor tree
fixed in current head of CVS Dan Higgins
10:07 AM Bug #2464: Problem with displaying R graphics on Mac
This problem has been fixed by adding the capability to set the graphics display to PDF and using builtin Mac PDF dis... Dan Higgins
10:04 AM Bug #2558: Cannot create a new 'kar' file for modified actor
Export Archive and Inport Archive menus have fixed this problem Dan Higgins
09:41 AM Bug #2485: On Macintosh, cannot connect from a relation
fixed by changes in the MouseFilter code in diva Dan Higgins


03:20 PM Bug #2672 (In Progress): actor search term should be trimmed + searching with multiple terms
I was searching for the Display actor and came up with multiple bugs (features). First, the search term should be tri... Efrat Jaeger
03:06 PM Bug #2485: On Macintosh, cannot connect from a relation
Note: Using <Shift> + <Command> seems to work on the Mac! (under Java 1.5) At least for the relation.
Also, diva/ca...
Dan Higgins


12:13 PM Bug #2572 (Resolved): Export KAR can produce several actors with the same lsid
Start new workflow
Create two composite actors (put something into them)
Export them as KARs (one-by-one into two K...
Norbert Podhorszki

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