From 05/29/2007 to 06/27/2007


02:17 PM Bug #2672: actor search term should be trimmed + searching with multiple terms
Trimmed the search string in 'SimpleLibrarySearcher' class.
Changed to 'enhancement' for the multiple word search option
Dan Higgins


02:16 PM Bug #2518: LibraryIndex 'read' method does not work correctly
rewrote the guts of the 'read' method to correctly recreate the tree Dan Higgins


12:27 PM Bug #2572: Export KAR can produce several actors with the same lsid
This is a problem with how we store lsids in the cache. The problem is that the generated kar file does not get cach... Chad Berkley


09:33 AM Bug #2872: md5 checksums
I assume the desire is to add checksums to both installer releases and the nightly build. Dan Higgins


04:16 PM Bug #2872 (Resolved): md5 checksums
We should add md5 checksums to our releases. Derik Barseghian


03:29 PM Bug #2870: Copy/Paste of composite actors
This is fixed in the Ptolemy II CVS tree.
Perhaps the Kepler specific copies of the Vergil classes need updates?
The ...
Christopher Brooks
02:52 PM Bug #2870 (Resolved): Copy/Paste of composite actors
There is a composite actor A, in which a parameter P is referred to.
A Copy/Paste into another workflow (or some oth...
Norbert Podhorszki


02:29 PM Bug #2803: Right click documentation menu item from left pane
You can now do this. Chad Berkley

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