From 10/11/2007 to 11/09/2007


01:25 PM Bug #3001 (Resolved): EML Dataset actor has trouble with file:// URLs for xml,data
If one uses the 'Browse' button to set EML File and Data File for the EML 2 Dataset actor, a file URL is created (i.e... Dan Higgins


02:52 PM Bug #2997: Icons stop working after using kepler for a while
This appears to happen after executing a workflow once, not after an unspecified amount of time. Chad Berkley
02:35 PM Bug #2997: Icons stop working after using kepler for a while
It looks like it might be trying to connect to the ecogrid for some reason and failing. The EcogridUtils error messa... Chad Berkley
02:32 PM Bug #2997 (In Progress): Icons stop working after using kepler for a while
After having kepler open for some uncertain amount of time, the icons just stop working right. When you drag an acto... Chad Berkley


08:51 AM Bug #2990 (In Progress): file|open dialog should open in workflows directory
Kenneth Evans has requested:
> Is there an easy way to fix Kepler so the initial directory you get with
> File |...
Matt Jones


02:51 PM Bug #2989 (New): Changes in actor ontology does not cause the actor library to rebuild
Changes in the actor ontology not show up until you delete the .kepler cache.
(i.e. simply restarting Kepler will no...
Dan Higgins


12:05 PM Bug #2840: Kepler beta3 will not run on Mac OSX10.3
Need to check if Kepler works OK for new OSX 1.5 release! Dan Higgins
12:02 PM Bug #2958: RExpression actor problem with large string arrays
Problem has been fixed by checking for large string arrays Dan Higgins


10:47 AM Bug #2987 (In Progress): Kepler Library (actor repository) Issues
Kirsten has found a few bugs/issues with the actor repository.
1) It is possible to upload an actor without a cl...
Chad Berkley

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