From 03/30/2012 to 04/28/2012


04:29 PM Bug #5594 (New): use input and output port icons in Items of Interest
Currently actor ports have a "generic file"-ish icon in the Items of Interest panel. From a user's point of view this... Derik Barseghian
03:05 PM Bug #5593 (New): use setDefaultWidth in actors
Building workflows in Kepler these days I spend a lot of time changing relation widths from Auto to 1, because w/ Aut... Derik Barseghian
01:07 PM Bug #5592 (Resolved): Site Layout DE Director missing documentation
When you import a Site Layout, a workflow with DE Director is automatically created. The instantiated DE Director has... Derik Barseghian
10:45 AM Bug #5591 (New): Workflow Run Manager error downloading run for which module dependencies not satisfied
The WRM lets you download run-kars with module dependencies that your current suite doesn't satisfy, and an error is ... Derik Barseghian


10:16 PM Bug #4763: create gui to access datalogger program
The g++ I'm using on Lion gives some good warning messages that I don't think I've seen before, including about the m... Derik Barseghian


07:20 PM Bug #5590: RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
Actor also uses bitmap instead of png depending on if headless. I think I'd prefer if the actor just did as told, or ... Derik Barseghian
06:34 PM Bug #5590 (New): RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
Look into this forced format change side-effect which is confusing to a user. If you select e.g. png, and 'auto show.... Derik Barseghian


04:05 PM Bug #5589 (Resolved): Add missing ptolemy actors to library
We should look through ptolemy's source and add Kepler library representations for any actors we don't already displa... Derik Barseghian


04:17 PM Bug #5587: long parameter values get replaced with scrollbar
To reproduce:
1. add actor to canvas
2. double click on actor to open actor parameters dialog
3. in one of the param...
Daniel Crawl
04:12 PM Bug #5587: long parameter values get replaced with scrollbar
I'm not sure what the bug is here, could you post a screenshot and/or a detailed description of how to replicate the ... Christopher Brooks
03:45 PM Bug #5587 (Resolved): long parameter values get replaced with scrollbar
In the actor parameters dialog, if a parameter value has more characters than can fit in the text box, the text box i... Daniel Crawl
03:57 PM Bug #5588 (Resolved): Enter and Tab behavior has changed in parameter configuration dialog
A month or so ago I noticed these changes:
- when you hit Enter when configuring an actor's parameter value, a new l...
Derik Barseghian
11:54 AM Bug #5586 (New): Get newest version of local files in EML actor
Here is an email from kepler user:
Running v2.3 on...
Jing Tao


03:55 PM Bug #5585 (New): Add date format E MMM d HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy to DateToString
E MMM d HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy is the format used when a date token is shown in a Display, so it seems a good example form... Derik Barseghian
03:50 PM Bug #5584 (New): Create a Date To Long actor
Right now I think the easiest way to convert from a Date to milliseconds since epoch is to use an Expression: input.g... Derik Barseghian


11:19 PM Bug #5583: Sensor Simulator controllable through Kepler
The 'master' threads were blocked on _serverSocketChannel.accept(); because I failed to explicitly turn off blocking:... Derik Barseghian
09:36 PM Bug #5583: Sensor Simulator controllable through Kepler
With regard the sensor sim not stopping, even though the four threads on which join is called all join and no longer ... Derik Barseghian


03:12 PM Bug #5582: DataTurbine server crashing the JRE
Nick allocated 1gb, and then 2gb to nibbler, but I continue to be able to crash DT with a few large requests. Derik Barseghian

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