From 10/23/2013 to 11/21/2013


07:10 PM Bug #6233 (Resolved): DirectoryListing NPE
Looks good. Thanks, Christopher. Daniel Crawl
06:23 PM Bug #6233: DirectoryListing NPE
The RecursiveFilter class is a combination of two separate classes.
I think I have this fixed, please take a look.
Christopher Brooks
06:03 PM Bug #6233: DirectoryListing NPE
The NPE is gone, but an empty pattern should match everything instead of generating an exception:
/** If non-e...
Daniel Crawl
05:42 PM Bug #6233: DirectoryListing NPE
I fixed this in ptII r 67905 and updated kepler/ptolemy/module-info/revision.txt.
Daniel, could you review this an...
Christopher Brooks
05:22 PM Bug #6233 (Resolved): DirectoryListing NPE
The DirectoryListing actor has an NPE:
at ptolemy.util.RecursiveFileFilter.accept...
Daniel Crawl


02:19 PM Bug #6000 (Closed): parameter copy-paste exception on console.
Fixed in ptII r67879. Christopher Brooks


10:40 AM Bug #6000: parameter copy-paste exception on console.
Edward fixed an issue with copy and paste, but the problem persists.
I updated the output so that it indicates tha...
Christopher Brooks


05:03 PM Bug #6175 (New): GenericJobSubmission actor sometimes runs job without completing data transfer.
A Kepler user at UCSD found that the GenericJobSubmission actor in her workflow started job submission when only part... jianwu jianwu

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