From 06/10/2014 to 07/09/2014


04:25 PM Bug #6578 (Resolved): cannot hide director LocalClock
I'd like to hide the "localClock" parameter in the edit parameters dialog for our DDPDirector. The problem is that Lo... Daniel Crawl
04:06 PM Bug #6577 (Resolved): infinite loop resolving port width
There are several actors whose output port is set to multiport. When this port is connected to a multiport input port... Daniel Crawl
02:40 PM Feature #6575 (New): reference parameters in R actor's script
It would be nice if the script in the R actor could reference parameters that were added to the R actor. Currently th... Daniel Crawl


03:27 PM Bug #6572 (Resolved): An error is thrown when opening MatlabExpression.xml in common/workflows/demos/Matlab in trunk.
I got the following errors. The main reason is that $name is in the documentation of the actor explaining the express... jianwu jianwu
12:04 PM Bug #6571 (New): Kepler command line execution won't exit if the parameter to be set in command line does not exist in the workflow.
I got the same behavior for both -nocache and -cache option. I have to use Ctrl + C to kill the process.
Para111 ...
jianwu jianwu

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