From 12/18/2014 to 01/16/2015


03:33 PM Bug #5893: During installation, Kepler takes a long time to start up under Windows
The splash screen now shows a progress bar along with text describing what Kepler is doing during startup. Daniel Crawl
03:28 PM Bug #6572 (Resolved): An error is thrown when opening MatlabExpression.xml in common/workflows/demos/Matlab in trunk.
I've fixed MatlabExpression.xml in svn. If you still get this error when opening the workflow from the demos folder i... Daniel Crawl
03:24 PM Bug #6165 (Resolved): The names of instances of the Stop actor do not display in Mac OSX.
The library metadata for Stop has been updated as Edward suggested. Daniel Crawl
03:19 PM Bug #5665 (Resolved): modulemanager et al.: swing-worker-1.2.jar should be removed
swing-worker-1.2.jar has been removed. Daniel Crawl

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