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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2378 Bug Resolved Normal WebService not Responding Daniel Crawl 12/13/2007 03:48 PM
2941 Bug Resolved Immediate Command Line Exec Actor throws exception when given input on "arguments" port Daniel Crawl 01/16/2008 01:25 PM
3098 Bug Resolved Normal Cannot drag SampleDelay actor onto canvas Daniel Crawl 01/23/2008 02:25 PM
3233 Bug Resolved Normal finalize ptolemy matlab actor for 1.0 release Daniel Crawl 04/24/2008 11:50 PM
3276 Bug Resolved Normal MatlabExpression not finding ptmatlab.dylib Daniel Crawl 05/06/2008 02:02 PM
3208 Bug New Normal consolidate matlab actors Daniel Crawl 04/03/2009 02:18 PM
3683 Bug Resolved Normal add tokenType to token_flow table in provenance sql schema Daniel Crawl 04/03/2009 04:47 PM
3605 Bug Resolved Normal problem with ProvenanceRecorder Daniel Crawl 04/21/2009 09:50 AM
3128 Bug Resolved Normal Kepler devel tree can't be compiled in java 1.6.0: DBConnection problem Daniel Crawl 04/25/2009 01:19 PM
3917 Bug Resolved Normal refactor schema creation code out of recording classes Daniel Crawl 04/27/2009 10:17 AM
3739 Bug Resolved Normal Issues in inferring data lineage via the provenance recorder Daniel Crawl 04/27/2009 12:01 PM
4041 Bug New Normal synchronization in matlab actor Daniel Crawl 04/30/2009 10:28 AM
4039 Bug New Normal matlab actor always stops matlab process in wrapup Daniel Crawl 05/05/2009 01:33 PM
4062 Bug Resolved Normal Web Services and Data Transformation demo throws a StringOutOfBounds Daniel Crawl 05/20/2009 09:06 AM
4121 Bug Resolved Normal Queryable - use LSID to look up workflows Daniel Crawl 06/02/2009 10:11 AM
4182 Bug Resolved Normal Composite Actor input port tokens not recorded Daniel Crawl 06/24/2009 08:26 AM
4163 Bug Resolved Immediate erroneous hsql database creation Daniel Crawl 06/25/2009 04:02 PM
4215 Bug Resolved Normal Error when check out provenance with change-to Daniel Crawl 07/01/2009 03:19 PM
4225 Bug Resolved Normal Provenance - start auto-incremented IDs at 1 not 0 Daniel Crawl 07/07/2009 09:47 AM
4229 Bug Resolved Normal rename runs with untitled workflow name when the user does a Save Daniel Crawl 07/09/2009 07:21 PM
4228 Bug Resolved Normal Not all tokens seem to be written when running WF from commandline Daniel Crawl 07/09/2009 10:46 PM
4203 Bug In Progress Normal use port parameters in web service actors Daniel Crawl 08/26/2009 03:56 PM
4323 Bug In Progress Low Add the "send to back" menu to kepler Daniel Crawl 08/28/2009 10:54 AM
4326 Bug Resolved Normal External Executor actor puts out an extra token when nonzero return Daniel Crawl 09/18/2009 03:45 PM
4308 Bug Resolved Normal Workflow Run Manager - problem with getWorkflowRunsForExecutions in mysql Daniel Crawl 09/18/2009 07:17 PM
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