From 08/02/2000 to 08/31/2000


05:08 PM Revision 426 (metacat): get rid of the FK in xml_acess table that points to xm_documents.docid
since xml_access.docid(s) point to current and revised documents
(ie xml_documents.docid and xml_revisions.docid)
05:01 PM Revision 425 (metacat): storing user_owner and user_updated where needed
new function in DocumentImpl checking for "write" perm on UPDATE or DELETE
added delete from xml_index of the old ver...
02:43 PM Revision 424 (metacat): this file is no longer used.
02:24 PM Bug #55: change order of fields
The order was changed Chad Berkley
02:23 PM Bug #54: title and altitle fields are too small
Changed the size of the fields to 30 characters. Chad Berkley
02:23 PM Bug #53: Interface does not look good in 800x600
Changed the interface to work better with lower resolutions. Fonts were made
smaller and buttons and text boxes were...
Chad Berkley
02:20 PM Revision 423 (metacat): changed xslf for new returnfield scheme. the returnfields are now returned as <param name="<returnfield>"> tags.
hThe sql for the returnfield query was redone to fix a previous problem with slow queries berkley
02:18 PM Revision 422 (metacat): changed xslf for new resultfield scheme
01:04 PM Bug #111 (Resolved): reading large documents from metacat is slow
Reading documents from metacat seems to scale with document size, and gets to be
extremely slow for even medium size...
Matt Jones
12:58 PM Bug #110 (Resolved): foreign keys to xml_catalog
The current uses of public identifiers in the xml_documents and xml_revisions
tables do not explicity reference xml_...
Matt Jones


11:36 AM Bug #109 (Resolved): query speed slows as database grows
As the database grows in size, the speed at which a query result is returned
becomes greater. The database size to ...
Chad Berkley
11:19 AM Revision 421 (metacat): cleared static methods in AccessionNumber classes for fixing bug found
when multiple requests to the servlet at a time. bojilova


01:58 PM Revision 420 (metacat): changed paths in returnfield parameters
11:01 AM Revision 419 (metacat): added alt tags
11:01 AM Revision 418 (metacat): added alt tag
11:00 AM Revision 417 (metacat): new graphics and their adobe illustrator vector files
10:58 AM Revision 416 (metacat): changed colors and layout


01:28 PM Revision 415 (metacat): Minor update to remove unneeded constructor in DocumentImpl class.
Matt Jones
11:38 AM Revision 414 (metacat): new table xml_access and new attrs to xml_documents for ACL


04:18 PM Revision 413 (metacat): for getDoctypes() added
WHERE entry_type='DTD' condition in the select statement bojilova
01:56 PM Revision 412 (metacat): fixed typ-o
01:49 PM Revision 411 (metacat): Changes with Srb authentication: including quering of Srb/MCAT during the Srb connection for:
- groupname of connected user
- list of groups and users in MCAT for ACL function for MetaCat
01:17 PM Revision 410 (metacat): update of build.xml based on Matt's recommendations
11:59 AM Revision 409 (metacat): added an @image-path@ property to get around the messed up images when loading images from tomcat. To add your own image directory,
create a directory under /opt/httpd/html/img/ and add the path to the image-path property in build.xml. Then all img... berkley


06:28 PM Revision 408 (metacat): Continued code redesign for the DocumentImpl class. Now the "delete" and
"write" methods are static, so a DocumentImpl objject need not be created
in order to initiate a INSERT, UPDATE, or D...
Matt Jones
04:47 PM Revision 407 (metacat): Folded the functionality from DBWriter into DocumentImpl, continuing the
work started earlir to create a more DOM-like model for the classes, in
which a single DocumentImpl class handles bot...
Matt Jones
10:27 AM Bug #101 (Resolved): generate data set usage metadata/ provide access log
Tracking data set usage is an important part of running a metadata and data
archive. We need a new feature in the m...
Matt Jones
08:57 AM Revision 406 (metacat): removed extraneous dash (-) from output loop that was entered unintentionallyi


04:08 PM Bug #59: create a more general specification for queries
First of all, I changed pathquery.dtd to allow for {0..N} <returnfield>
tags. The content of each field should be ei...
Chad Berkley
03:55 PM Revision 405 (metacat): changed the field names to be case-sensitive in the returnfields
03:54 PM Revision 404 (metacat): changed the field names to be case-sensitive
03:22 PM Bug #100 (Resolved): add viewabstract action to metacatServlet
an action to view the abstract of a metadata file needs to be added to
Chad Berkley
03:21 PM Bug #99 (Resolved): add getDocumentAction to marineServlet
the action to look at a metadata file in html form should be added to
Chad Berkley
03:21 PM Bug #98 (Resolved): add download action to marineservlet
An action to download a dataset from the DB needs to be added to marineServlet Chad Berkley
03:18 PM Bug #97 (Resolved): combine printExtendedSQL and printSQL methods into one
The printExtendedSQL and printSQL methods of QuerySpecification can be combined
into one method that works like prin...
Chad Berkley
03:15 PM Bug #96 (Resolved): Fix browse function in MARINE servlet
The browse function in marineServlet needs to be implemented in a way that
allows the browsing by different fields. ...
Chad Berkley
02:33 PM Bug #28: need doctype backtracing/linking feature as part of doctype filter
reassigned to berkley Matt Jones
10:43 AM Bug #28: need doctype backtracing/linking feature as part of doctype filter
This feature depends on us resolving the linking feature described in bug #31
that allows us to specify relationships...
Matt Jones
02:28 PM Bug #31: need dataset id reference from metadata
reassigned to berkley Matt Jones
10:33 AM Revision 403 (metacat): added the returnfield element to be used for dynamically choosing which fields to return from xml_nodes.
10:29 AM Revision 402 (metacat): added support for the returnfield parameter
-QuerySpecification now sets a flag (containsExtendedSQL) when there are returnfield items in the pathquery document.... berkley
10:26 AM Bug #95 (Resolved): support for Namespaces in XML documents
We need to support storage, query, and retrieval of XML documents with
Namespaces (see At a min...
Matt Jones
10:23 AM Bug #94 (Resolved): add DOM interface support to metacat
The current metacat database uses our proprietary API for accessing XML
documents. It uses a memory-resident model,...
Matt Jones
10:22 AM Revision 401 (metacat): added support for the returnfield parameter
-added the dynamic parameters to the returned hash table of documents berkley
10:20 AM Revision 400 (metacat): added support for the returnfield parameter
10:19 AM Revision 399 (metacat): is no longer needed because the marine servlet uses all of the metacat properties.
10:17 AM Revision 398 (metacat): a way to access the marine servlet without using javascript
10:16 AM Revision 397 (metacat): updated the URL given the new <returnfield> paramet


11:56 PM Revision 396 (metacat): Folded the functionality from DBSAXDocument into the DocumentImpl class.
Now DocumentImpl handles both the reads and the writes to the database.
Eventually, it will implment the full DOM Doc...
Matt Jones
10:37 PM Revision 395 (metacat): Updated the readxml shell script to use the new DocumentImpl class instead
of the old DBReader class. Matt Jones
10:34 PM Revision 394 (metacat): Removed because the functionality of that class has been
replaced by the more efficient DocumentImpl class. Matt Jones
10:32 PM Revision 393 (metacat): Created new class "DocumentImpl" which represents an XML Document. This
document will eventually implment the DOM Document interface. For now,
it implments all of the functionality that wa...
Matt Jones
02:36 PM Bug #59: create a more general specification for queries
This fix is in progress:
I have added the capability to have <returnfield> tags in a pathquery document
which tell qu...
Chad Berkley
02:34 PM Bug #63: methods in MetaCatServlet should be private not protected
Extraneous methods were changed, the protected, overridable methods are:
Chad Berkley
10:24 AM Bug #31: need dataset id reference from metadata
clarified action needed in subject, making it clear that we need the dataset id
reference in the metadata files in or...
Matt Jones


04:30 PM Bug #93: allow dynamic addition of actions
reassigned to berkley. Matt Jones
11:59 AM Bug #93 (Resolved): allow dynamic addition of actions
Instead of hard coding in each action into metacat, actions could be loaded
dynamically by defining a class which co...
Chad Berkley
04:29 PM Bug #63: methods in MetaCatServlet should be private not protected
reassigned to berkley (I think he already handled this bug.) Matt Jones
03:41 PM Revision 392 (metacat): Added script to register document types in the xml_catalog table for our
common public ID's. Matt Jones
03:38 PM Revision 391 (metacat): Added install feature for copying dtd's to the servlet directory so that
they are accessible to the metacatservlet. Matt Jones
03:19 PM Revision 390 (metacat): Added new utility query to return all of the xml_nodes info for a given
document id in metacat. Matt Jones
02:55 PM Revision 389 (metacat): Updated documentation for
Matt Jones
02:52 PM Revision 388 (metacat): Modified the DBReader and ElementNode classes to more efficiently read
documents from the database. In the old implementation, a db connection
was opened for each and every node in a docu...
Matt Jones
08:30 AM Bug #61: new resultset dtd spec
In metacatservlet, the method that creates the resultset xml is now overwritable
allowing client modification of the ...
Chad Berkley
08:29 AM Bug #60: use querySpecification
All queries are now created in querySpecification. Chad Berkley
08:28 AM Bug #56: code shifts and removals
All of the tasks were completed. Chad Berkley


10:49 PM Bug #92 (Resolved): need access control tracking for metadata documents
Need to create a mechanism for tracking access control information for metadata
documents. This might be doen by cr...
Matt Jones
08:58 PM Bug #46: metacat insert fails on some documents
Dan verified that this bug still exists. Reassigned to bojilova. Matt Jones


03:48 PM Revision 387 (metacat): redirector to access the marine servlet
03:45 PM Revision 386 (metacat): modified the xsl to work with the new servlet architecture.o
03:44 PM Revision 385 (metacat): marineServlet now overrides the transformQuery() function to allow it to put the values back into the text boxes of the xsl stylesheet rendered form.
03:41 PM Revision 384 (metacat): -fixed the bug where a pathquery document was not valid inside of the <query> tags in a resultset document.
-provided override support for a new function called transformQuery() which allows specific applications to
11:05 AM Revision 383 (metacat): Fixed small bug in transforming the document to HTML. If there was
no stylesheet for a given doctype, and so the transformation couldn't
occur, the XML doc was returned, but the conten...
Matt Jones
10:56 AM Revision 382 (metacat): removed extraneous protected tags and replaced them with private tags
10:38 AM Revision 380 (metacat): Modified behavior of handleSQuery() to now send the resultset document
back to the client application -- this was a bug introduced by recent
changes to the servlet. Also, generally cleaned...
Matt Jones
10:26 AM Bug #63 (Resolved): methods in MetaCatServlet should be private not protected
Many of the helper methods in MetaCatServlet have been changed to "protected"
from their original "private" state. M...
Matt Jones
09:31 AM Revision 379 (metacat): decrease the number of "initialConnections" to 5, "increaseConnections" stay 5, decrease the "maximumConnections" to 10


05:31 PM Revision 378 (metacat): Changed release to version to alpha 8 (1.0a8) and tagged metacat in
05:29 PM Revision 377 (metacat): Updated default html forms for metacat queries to use the "anyfield"
keyword for constructing a default query. This should now work with
the new handleQuery method of MetaCatServlet.
Matt Jones
03:21 PM Revision 376 (metacat): changed to work with the new MetaCatServlet model. marineServlet now only overwrites one method in MetaCatServlet.
03:20 PM Revision 375 (metacat): changed the prototype of overwritable functions to "protected" instead of "private".
01:35 PM Bug #52: Change link to project abstract
It was changed Chad Berkley
11:06 AM Revision 374 (metacat): change the resultset format for DataGuide
09:25 AM Bug #58: add eml-resource to the catalog
resource was added to the catalog and to xml_catalog in the database. Chad Berkley
09:04 AM Revision 373 (metacat): Changed the flow of query and SQuery. SQuery now only handles a preformatted pathquery document as input (in the "query" parameter).
HandleQuery now handles all structured queries derived by CGI parameters. berkley
09:02 AM Revision 372 (metacat): Made changes to createSQuery to allow for multiple parameters of the same name. Also changed the param list to include only "Hashtable params" without a "String doctype" since the doctype is already contained in the params.


01:08 PM Revision 371 (metacat): fixed bug with handleSQuery() that kept DMan from access the squery functionality
11:48 AM Revision 370 (metacat): - created transformResultset() which transforms an xml resultset document and displays it to the client useing DBTransform
- renamed transformDocument() to createResultDocument() and modified its functionality to only return a restultset xm... berkley


04:07 PM Revision 369 (metacat): Changed "xmltodb" to "@html-path@/style" so that the resultset.xsl
stylesheet could be found in various servlet contexts. Matt Jones
03:29 PM Revision 367 (metacat): changed release version
Matt Jones
03:27 PM Revision 366 (metacat): Modified binaries to change classpath for metacat.jar under new
build process. Matt Jones
02:52 PM Revision 365 (metacat): Repository reorganization, and some file cleanup to make the XSL and CSS
files portable to various installations of metacat (by using the
build.xml file substitution in the XSL files). Remov...
Matt Jones
02:25 PM Revision 363 (metacat): removed unneeded replace command
Matt Jones
02:24 PM Revision 362 (metacat): Added user and password to build.xml for filter substitution.
Matt Jones
01:48 PM Revision 361 (metacat): remove handleQueryAction() in favor of directly calling handleQuery() and handleSQuery() from doGetOrPost()
01:37 PM Bug #62: hardcoded paths should be config parameters
All hardcoded paths in to the location of .html files are
changed with "htmlpath" parameter ...
Jivka Bojilova
01:02 PM Revision 360 (metacat): Cleared hardcoded paths for the location of .html files and use
the new "htmlpath" property from file bojilova
12:48 PM Revision 359 (metacat): sorry, I needed new property "html-path" with value "/xmltodb" for me.
Chad, for you should be I think "/berkley" bojilova
12:15 PM Revision 358 (metacat): New "servletpath" and "installdir" properties
12:14 PM Revision 357 (metacat): Set a filter for installdir property
11:25 AM Revision 356 (metacat): set filtering="yes" attribute on the copy command of
10:00 AM Bug #49: need anonymous user login as default for metacat
Anonymous user login has been included as default to metacat. From the
metacat's web interface user goes directl...
Jivka Bojilova
08:58 AM Revision 355 (metacat): Added decodeMouseAction(Hashtable) to decode the mouse click action outside of handleGetOrPost to allow for easy modification of images in a different application.


03:31 PM Revision 354 (metacat): added new constructor to allow the creation of a metacatutil object that uses a properties file other than edu.ucsb.nceas.metacat.metacat.
03:22 PM Revision 353 (metacat): Fixed build.xml bug -- jar file was included recursively in itself, causing
ever-growing size of jar on install. Changed location of jar file that is
built (from build.dest to build.dir) to fi...
Matt Jones
03:09 PM Revision 352 (metacat): added eml-resource to the catalog
02:40 PM Bug #57: changes to handleQueryAction
I ended up breaking handleQueryAction into 4 different functions.
handleSQuery-handles structured queries
Chad Berkley
02:28 PM Revision 351 (metacat): Broke up handleQueryAction into handleQuery, handleSQuery, runQuery and transformDocument. handleQueryAction is now a base function which makes calls to each of these functions to create, run and transform a query from CGI parameters.
02:26 PM Revision 350 (metacat): Added createSQuery() to handle structured queries of an arbitrary number of parameters. Also modified createQuery() to handle a null query in a graceful manner.
01:53 PM Revision 349 (metacat): Added "release" keyword to all metacat source files so that the release
number will be evident in software distributions. Matt Jones
01:43 PM Revision 348 (metacat): Updated build process to now use a copy of the source files so that keyword
substitution can ocur before the build. This allows for substitution of
hardcoded values into the source before the ...
Matt Jones
11:27 AM Revision 347 (metacat): added Logout link
11:27 AM Revision 346 (metacat): added Logout handling
11:11 AM Revision 345 (metacat): clear lib dir from paths like xmltodb/lib/something.html
10:59 AM Revision 344 (metacat): on "DELETE" added delete from xml_index table for a given docid
before delete from xml_documents, b' of foreign key in xml_index(docid)
to xml_documents(docid)


03:20 PM Revision 343 (metacat): Changed exception handling mechanisms for DBReader
Matt Jones
11:26 AM Revision 342 (metacat): added createSQuery
11:25 AM Revision 341 (metacat): broke up handleQueryAction into handleQuery, handleSQuery, runQuery and transformDocument


04:30 PM Revision 340 (metacat): changed paths
03:39 PM Revision 339 (metacat): changed getRootNode method from public to private
Matt Jones
03:37 PM Bug #62 (Resolved): hardcoded paths should be config parameters
MetaCatServlet has some hardcoded paths that should be removed and put in the
configuration files. Mostly these are...
Matt Jones
03:34 PM Revision 338 (metacat): simple JavaScript to put focus on username field
02:48 PM Revision 337 (metacat): replaced some deprecated methods with the new v2.2 of Java Servlet API
02:47 PM Revision 336 (metacat): changed paths, b' of new dev server
01:45 PM Revision 335 (metacat): no message
12:13 PM Revision 334 (metacat): changing paths, b' of new dev environment
11:59 AM Revision 333 (metacat): added HTTPSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(-1)
for every new Session - never to expire bojilova
11:56 AM Revision 332 (metacat): added "anonymous" user connection


04:17 PM Revision 331 (metacat): updated properties file to reflect new db location
Matt Jones
02:51 PM Bug #61 (Resolved): new resultset dtd spec
for return type make a <param name="xxx"> instead of <name></name>. This can be
used for more specific stylesheet c...
Chad Berkley
02:48 PM Bug #60 (Resolved): use querySpecification
All queries should be created through querySpecification instead of creating the
sql withing the client servlet.
Chad Berkley
02:47 PM Bug #59 (Resolved): create a more general specification for queries
work on a way to search through different fields from
different standards making the query more general
Chad Berkley
02:18 PM Bug #58 (Resolved): add eml-resource to the catalog
eml-resource should be added to the catalog with the appropriate stylesheet. It
also needs to be added to the sqlca...
Chad Berkley
02:16 PM Bug #57 (Resolved): changes to handleQueryAction
split handleQueryAction into three seperate functions. One to create a query
(createQuery), another to create an sq...
Chad Berkley
02:10 PM Bug #56 (Resolved): code shifts and removals
The following methods should be removed from marineServlet since they are
already implemented in metacatServlet:
Chad Berkley
02:00 PM Bug #55 (Resolved): change order of fields
The order of the fields should be the following.
title alt title
keywords any field
Chad Berkley
01:58 PM Bug #54 (Resolved): title and altitle fields are too small
title and alttitle should be larger than 15 characters. Chad Berkley
01:56 PM Bug #53 (Resolved): Interface does not look good in 800x600
Change the interface so that the graphics are not as big in lower resolutions Chad Berkley
01:55 PM Bug #52 (Resolved): Change link to project abstract
The link should be Chad Berkley


06:19 PM Bug #33: problems with replicating of DTDs, because of PUBLIC IDs
Assigned to Jivka Jivka Bojilova
06:16 PM Bug #20: DBSAXNode constructor can be simplified
DONE as recommended. Jivka Bojilova
06:14 PM Bug #48: need an option to do xml indexing asynchronously
Can be implemented by starting a new tread from the servlet.
That tread can do the task in a background even after se...
Jivka Bojilova
06:07 PM Bug #47: doctype and docid attr are needed in xml_index table
updateNodeIndex(docid, doctype) in DBSAXNode and other related classes are
changed for storing docid and doctype...
Jivka Bojilova
06:02 PM Bug #30: get dataguide function needed by client
Implemented as part of DBUtil class.
doctype and docid attr are already added to xml_index table.
Retrieves all ...
Jivka Bojilova
05:55 PM Bug #29: Download DTDs/Schemas for client
Need to implement download of DTDs/Schemas. Jivka Bojilova
05:51 PM Bug #23: creating shared pool of connections in metacat servlet
Implemented Pool of Connections only.
DBQuery, DBReader and DBTransform are created on every request.
Jivka Bojilova
05:40 PM Revision 330 (metacat): added web.xml configuration file for Tomcat Servlet engine
Matt Jones
05:39 PM Revision 329 (metacat): -Reorganized xmltodb module to support new install process for the new
linux server ( Added "" shell script that
calls ant withthe proper umask set for install...
Matt Jones


05:31 PM Revision 328 (metacat): rearrange html pages for login and metacat access
03:06 PM Bug #51 (Resolved): adding a non-well-formed document results in a "success" message
When inserting an xml document that was not well formed into the database, the
servlet returned the following error:...
Chad Berkley
02:44 PM Revision 327 (metacat): renamed index.html to metacat.html
02:43 PM Revision 326 (metacat): unused
11:55 AM Revision 325 (metacat): it was smashed to 95 bytes only
11:24 AM Revision 324 (metacat): removed old xmldbms source tree because it is no longer being used as a reference
Matt Jones
08:13 AM Revision 323 (metacat): no message


05:51 PM Revision 322 (metacat): moved srbProps file
Matt Jones
04:43 PM Revision 321 (metacat): maximumConnections added
04:34 PM Revision 320 (metacat): more precise handling of the Connection Pool
01:54 PM Revision 319 (metacat): minor config file update
Matt Jones
08:32 AM Revision 318 (metacat): no message


04:21 PM Revision 317 (metacat): doctype and docid attr added to xml_index table
04:20 PM Revision 316 (metacat): Changes related to "getdataguide" action
04:19 PM Revision 315 (metacat): doctype attr in xml_index table has been added
so changed the getDataGuide routine to select for paths by given doctype bojilova
04:17 PM Revision 314 (metacat): DBSAXNode constructor simplified
04:17 PM Revision 313 (metacat): Call to DBSAXNode constructor simplified
04:15 PM Revision 312 (metacat): Added public method to return the rootnodeid of the document


04:26 PM Revision 311 (metacat): Added support for "anonymous" user

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