From 01/16/2001 to 02/14/2001


12:05 PM Bug #183: Port metacat to PostgresSQL and other databases
John Harris has agreed to look into the use of an embedded database for portions
of metacat and the plots db client s...
Matt Jones
11:59 AM Bug #183 (Resolved): Port metacat to PostgresSQL and other databases
To install Metacat broadly at research stations, we need to eliminate the
requirement for Oracle as a backend DB. T...
Matt Jones
11:49 AM Bug #163: need data repository interface for metacat
Chad and Dan's initial implementation of this interface allows users to store
data on the Morpho server file system b...
Matt Jones
11:43 AM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
Basic functionality is now finished, but some of the interface functions (like
getting group lists, etc) need to be c...
Matt Jones


02:08 PM Revision 698 (metacat): - new attribute catalog_id added in xml_documents and xml_revisions
as a FK to xml_catalog bojilova
02:07 PM Revision 697 (metacat): - fixed missing replication of public_access
- new attribute catalog_id added in xml_documents and xml_revisions
as a FK to xml_catalog; catalog_id is replicated ...
11:32 AM Revision 696 (metacat): Added contact mailing address for bug reports and feedback.
Matt Jones


01:51 PM Revision 695 (metacat): Included check up for <!DOCTYPE ... PUBLIC/SYSTEM ... >
in order to set the validation parser at runtime
In case of:
- no DOCTYPE declaration
- <!DOCTYPE docname>
04:17 PM Revision 694 (metacat): reject writing DTD file if it already exists


02:21 PM Revision 693 (metacat): removed descrpency between the gzipped release version of build.xml and the one in cvs


10:56 AM Revision 692 (metacat): there were more mentions of DOCTITLE attr - cleared them
10:08 AM Bug #177: get rid of
metacatURL is no longer needed. It has been replaced by the protocol handlers. Chad Berkley


11:04 AM Bug #180: return of DTD comments with documents should be eliminated
When comments are reported in DBSAXHandler, processingDTD flag is used to
eliminate storing of the comments com...
Jivka Bojilova
10:56 AM Bug #182: uneeded field in xml_documents
DONE - removed "updated" attribute from xml_documents Jivka Bojilova
10:54 AM Bug #168: eliminate title attribute from xml_documents
DONE Jivka Bojilova
10:50 AM Revision 691 (metacat): cleared DOCTITLE attribute in xml_documents and xml_revisions
cleared all mentions of doctitle bojilova
10:49 AM Revision 690 (metacat): cleared DOCTITLE attribute in xml_documents and xml_revisions
10:28 AM Revision 689 (metacat): cleared the UNIQUE constraint in xml_access - moved in AccessControlList
added FOREIGN keys for xml_relation.docid and xml_access.accessfileid referencing xml_dociments.docid bojilova
10:05 AM Revision 688 (metacat): added new "getaccesscontrol" action for a given docid


09:37 AM Revision 686 (metacat): fixed white space problem in toXML that was preventing in line end tags from being popped from the stack.


10:28 AM Bug #182 (Resolved): uneeded field in xml_documents
There is a field, 'updated', in xml_documents that is not used for anything. It
should be removed from the xmltables...
Chad Berkley
10:15 AM Bug #181 (Resolved): possible security risks in data file upload
The data file upload utility could have security holes in it. Ports may not be
closed when a client does not send a...
Chad Berkley


10:27 AM Revision 685 (metacat): Module cleanup inpreparation for a release.
Matt Jones


04:12 PM Revision 684 (metacat): Solving the problem with relication of access file where access files were rejected from the replication servers.
In AccessControlList check for serverCode is included,
so only on the local server the connected user is checked for ...


03:20 PM Revision 683 (metacat): fixed some problems with database connections getting a time out error. Also updated some catch statements
11:31 AM Revision 682 (metacat): fixed typo
11:10 AM Revision 681 (metacat): included checkbox "public" for the servlet's "public" parameter
it is checked by default bojilova
11:05 AM Revision 680 (metacat): included new servlet parameter "public" specifing public read access for the submitted document
the expected values are "yes" or "no"
public parameter is optional and if it is not specified, means "no"
10:51 AM Revision 679 (metacat): fixed bug that was accidentally introduced when the change from metacatURL to URL was done.


03:38 PM Revision 678 (metacat): added location info to catch statements
03:22 PM Revision 677 (metacat): fixed comments
03:20 PM Revision 676 (metacat): added comments and removed xml_acc_numbers
03:15 PM Revision 675 (metacat): added precise location information (class.method) to each catch statement so that errors are more easily traced.
01:46 PM Revision 674 (metacat): removed print statements
12:46 PM Revision 673 (metacat): fixed typo
12:38 PM Revision 672 (metacat): included implementation for public "read" access as specified from the access file
12:27 PM Revision 671 (metacat): fixed introduced problem with preparedStatements
11:55 AM Revision 670 (metacat): Updated build files with minor documentation changes.
Matt Jones
11:52 AM Revision 669 (metacat): Added license terms to source code files, and cleaned up some javadoc
documentation in a few places. Matt Jones
11:29 AM Revision 668 (metacat): Added License terms to source files, added more documentation to protocol
handler classes. Matt Jones
11:25 AM Revision 667 (metacat): closed all preparedStatement variables
11:02 AM Revision 666 (metacat): Modified the license and copyright terms for many of the files. Added
a LICENSE file and a README file in preparation of a distribution. Matt Jones


02:45 PM Revision 665 (metacat): implementation for multiple <resourceIndentifier> tags under <resource>
11:45 AM Revision 664 (metacat): updated the syntax of some form parameters, put in build strings
11:44 AM Revision 663 (metacat): put in build strings instead of hard coded paths to servers
08:59 AM Revision 662 (metacat): removed dependence on MetacatURL for URL handling. Added more flexible support for identifiers in the subject and object fields. They can now be just a docid, an http url or a metacat url.


01:49 PM Revision 661 (metacat): fixed bug in data file permission checking. (commited wrong file last time)

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