From 04/02/2001 to 05/01/2001


04:43 PM Revision 732 (metacat): chaged the hidden input box from "relation" to "docid"
04:42 PM Revision 731 (metacat): - merged "getabstract" and "getdatadoc" actions to "read" action;
- put MIME types everywhere for the returned data;
- zip when more than one doc/files were requested or when specifie...


02:20 PM Bug #225: finish SSDBM paper
Paper finished on 4/30/01. Chad Berkley


09:32 AM Revision 730 (metacat): Changes related to running LDAP servers referred each other in one tree modeling the KNB tree.
Currently there are running LDAP server on dev that holds the KNB root and the NCEAS' s subtree.
It also refers to a ...


11:13 AM Revision 729 (metacat): uncompleted script file to create DB on SQL server
09:48 AM Bug #160: need resource restriction capability
Lowered priority because SRB no longer in immediate plans for deployment. Matt Jones
09:48 AM Bug #152: Port SRB1_1_8 changes to Linux x86
Lowered priority because SRB no longer in immediate plans for deployment. Matt Jones


01:47 PM Bug #225 (Resolved): finish SSDBM paper
The paper for the SSDBM conference which is 7/18-7/20/2001 needs to be complete
and camera ready by 4/30/2001. Note...
Chad Berkley


03:35 PM Bug #213 (New): transaction support for packages
Need to build in transaction support for packages. a client should be able to
insert (or update) a bunch of compone...
Matt Jones
01:04 PM Bug #199 (Resolved): changes in Access Control mechanism
The "public" attribute has been elimanted form eml-access. Need to accomodate
this by searching for a special "publ...
Matt Jones
12:59 PM Bug #197 (Resolved): revisionid should be generated on client, not metacat
Currently metacat assigns a revisionid when allowing updates of metadata
documents. This should be changed so that ...
Matt Jones
12:56 PM Bug #196 (Resolved): Metacat READ function should set mime type
Metacat read fucntion should set the Content-header: to contain the appropriate
mime-type for the data being returne...
Matt Jones
12:53 PM Bug #195: allow metacat to store files on multiple fs
Need 163 to be finished for this to be relevant. Matt Jones
12:53 PM Bug #195 (In Progress): allow metacat to store files on multiple fs
Metacat currently stores files on a single file system. Need to changes this so
that Metacat can be configured to s...
Matt Jones
12:50 PM Bug #194: manage files by accession# on file system
Need new FSAdapter class implementation to be completed for this to be relevant.
See bug 163 .
Matt Jones
12:49 PM Bug #194 (Resolved): manage files by accession# on file system
Need to manage files by accession # on the filesystem when using the file system
as a storage system for data.
Matt Jones
12:47 PM Bug #193 (Resolved): evaluate recursive search performance
Need to evaluate performance of recursive searches more thoroughly and, if they
turn out to be as fast as searches u...
Matt Jones
12:45 PM Bug #192: create a dtd for result sets
this bug depends on the resolution of bug 190 as well. Matt Jones
12:44 PM Bug #192 (Resolved): create a dtd for result sets
Need to have a DTD describing how resultsets work for metacat. Matt Jones
12:41 PM Bug #191 (Resolved): Override protocol handling for http URLs
Metacat currently uses a socket system for uploading data files because of an
inefficiency in how http urls are hand...
Matt Jones
12:39 PM Bug #190 (Resolved): modify resultset to return all package information
Need to accomodate changes to EML packages that we have discussed, and to fix
the incorrect treatment of packages in...
Matt Jones
12:33 PM Bug #189 (Resolved): add <, >, and numeric = operators to pathquery language
Need to have less than, greater than, and numeric equals operator support in the
pathquery language so that we can d...
Matt Jones
12:31 PM Bug #188 (Resolved): provide a metacat client library with a standard API
Need to be able to call metacat directly from another servlet or from within a
client app (using it for local metada...
Matt Jones
12:28 PM Bug #163: need data repository interface for metacat
At the Santa Barbara meeting we agreed to create a generic RepositoryInterface
class that defines the set of methods ...
Matt Jones
12:26 PM Bug #187 (Resolved): test metacat on Windows NT/2000
Need to test the Metacat servlet on NT/2000, possibly using an Oracle DB that
runs on another host for the time bein...
Matt Jones
12:22 PM Bug #183: Port metacat to PostgresSQL and other databases
At Santa Barbara meeting, agreed to create a generic database interface and a
series of adapters for each supported d...
Matt Jones
12:21 PM Bug #162: need harvest/batch load for metacat
Decided that this feature will use a site-specific XML input filter that
converts the site's metadata to XML format. ...
Matt Jones
12:17 PM Bug #186 (Resolved): add web metadata entry form for Metacat
Discussed need for a web-based metadata entry form. Nottrott has a simple form
which is a starting point, and has a...
Matt Jones
12:10 PM Bug #185 (Resolved): replication security hole
Need to fix security hole in Metacat replication feature where host name can be
spoofed, allowing complete access to...
Matt Jones

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