From 08/14/2001 to 09/12/2001


02:49 PM Revision 826 (metacat): changes to store namespace prefixes separately from the local names of nodes (elements and attributes)
in xml_nodes.nodeprefix column bojilova
02:46 PM Revision 825 (metacat): added nodeprefix column to xml_nodes table for storing of namespace prefixes per nodes
11:56 AM Bug #279 (Resolved): entity resolver sometimes fails
The DBEntityResolver is used durning XML document parsing to find the locations
of the DTDs to be used to validate a...
Matt Jones
11:19 AM Revision 824 (metacat): Updated index page to launch proper initial query.
Matt Jones


06:38 PM Revision 823 (metacat): Updated stylesheet to reflect the new eml2 schema.
Matt Jones


02:43 PM Bug #278 (Resolved): Install production o=LTER LDAP Server
INSERT push from LTER personnel database completed and tested.
UPDATE push from LTER personnel database programming ...
David Blankman


10:16 AM Bug #273 (Resolved): site deployment for metacat
Need to deploy metacat at selected LTER, OBFS, and NRS sites to begin to build
our network. OBFS and NRS may have a...
Matt Jones
10:12 AM Bug #272 (Resolved): install production root LDAP server
Need to install the 'production' root LDAP server on ecoinfo so that it can be
used by the production metacat server...
Matt Jones
10:06 AM Bug #271 (Resolved): production metacat install
Need to take the current release of metacat and install a 'production' version
on ecoinfo so that it is completely d...
Matt Jones
09:52 AM Bug #270 (Resolved): change LDAP interface to get complete DN from client
Metacat currently retrieves a userid from the client, and uses this along with a
single configuarable baseDN paramet...
Matt Jones


10:48 AM Revision 822 (metacat): Revised build.xml and to make it easier to
install alternative stylesheets for metacat. In the process,
replaced the deprecated copydir and copyfile commands i...
Matt Jones


04:10 PM Bug #95: support for Namespaces in XML documents
Added support. Need to test extensively, especially for query. Jivka Bojilova
01:38 PM Revision 821 (metacat): added support for Namespaces.
Metacat now can store and retrieve XML documents with Namespaces.
Namespace is stored as separate record in xml_nodes...

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