From 10/27/2001 to 11/25/2001


06:10 PM Revision 872 (metacat): Re-enabled referrals which I had turned off for debugging purposes.
Matt Jones
06:09 PM Revision 871 (metacat): Modified AuthLdap to fix the may problems associated with group and user
queries. Now the getGroups() and getUsers() methods work as advertised,
and there is a test of each of the methods i...
Matt Jones


11:59 AM Bug #328 (Resolved): ldap referrals crash system when one referree is down
the ldap authentication system crashes metacat if one of the referree servers is down and a referral is called. I do... Chad Berkley
08:10 AM Revision 870 (metacat): fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.
08:10 AM Revision 869 (metacat): fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.


01:33 PM Revision 868 (metacat): fixed referral catching mechanism in authLdap.ldapAuthenticate() so that it will refer through a bunch of linked servers instead of just one....I still haven't figured out why the getGroups method wont work.


11:43 AM Bug #325 (Resolved): create site filters to convert site metadata to eml packages
Site specific metadata/data formats need to be converted into EML packages and
transferred via the harvester API to ...
Matt Jones
11:38 AM Bug #162: need harvest/batch load for metacat
Develop according to API defined in bug #323 and reference implementation in bug
Matt Jones


02:29 PM Revision 867 (metacat): fixed the error where the ldap authenticate took 15 seconds to execute


04:42 PM Bug #309: metacat does not follow LDAP referrals
I'm pretty sure the referrals are working correctly, however now, when a user logs in it takes on the order of 10-15 ... Chad Berkley
11:06 AM Revision 866 (metacat): I think i have fixed the ldap referral bug. the test lter account that david made for me works, however I would like matt or someone more knowedgeable with ldap to please check my code. the changes I made are around line 200 of AuthLdap. I put a comment in the source where the code needs to be checked.

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