From 10/14/2002 to 11/12/2002


11:42 AM Revision 1331 (metacat): Fixed a bug that if new triple is a new rule in xml_access table, the new triple wouldn't be added into data set file.
Jing Tao


01:56 PM Revision 1330 (metacat): In creating xml_access table, add a condition for assigning a access document to itself: if there is not triple. If there is a triple that access file points itself, we don't need inserting again. Otherwise we will get duplicate records.
Jing Tao
01:53 PM Revision 1329 (metacat): Get rid of running parser access documents into rules when it handle a access document. (we only need to parser it when handling a dataset file).
Jing Tao
04:33 PM Revision 1328 (metacat): Add code to write the updated acl and dataset document back to database after adding permission rules in acl document.
Jing Tao


05:58 PM Revision 1327 (metacat): Add code to insert extral rules found in xml_acces table into access document.
Jing Tao


10:00 AM Revision 1326 (metacat): Add a method writing info into log file. So the change information can be kept physically.
Jing Tao
05:43 PM Revision 1325 (metacat): Add two new methods to update triples in data set file and delete some access rules which doesn't exist in xml_access document. Change the main method, it will read access file form xml_access table rather than getting from argument.
Jing Tao


06:12 PM Revision 1324 (metacat): Add code to update tripes in data set file.
Jing Tao
06:11 PM Revision 1323 (metacat): Using ! rather than white space to seperate access rules.
Jing Tao
06:09 PM Revision 1322 (metacat): Using ! rather than white space to seperate access rule.
Jing Tao


04:41 PM Revision 1321 (metacat): Revise some code.
Jing Tao
04:41 PM Revision 1320 (metacat): Add a class to handle clean up access table.
Jing Tao


10:29 AM Revision 1319 (metacat): Add a class to get access rules from xml_access table directly.
Jing Tao
04:29 PM Revision 1318 (metacat): Add a new file to handle get access rules from a xml access document.
Jing Tao


04:00 PM Bug #653 (Resolved): xml_access control table is not conisistent to access xml documents
The access control table in ecoinfo, there are some rules which doesn't show
in xml_access file. For example, in nr...
Jing Tao
03:01 PM Bug #474: Metacat in Ecoinfo hang
Metacat release 1.2 run in ecoinfo for one week. No hang problem happened
again. So the bug is fixed.
Jing Tao


09:59 AM Revision 1317 (metacat): Change the describtion for data file path.
Jing Tao
09:56 AM Bug #641: readme for metacat 1.2 needs modification (datafilepath)
It changed to:
If you are an existing user, the data directory is now
where <tomca...
Jing Tao


12:05 PM Bug #641 (Resolved): readme for metacat 1.2 needs modification (datafilepath)
The current readme for Metacat 1.2 says: The build.xml file now has a
property named datafilepath. It should be set...
David Blankman


02:05 PM Bug #636: Need to generalize data/metadata linking mechanism
Jing and I were just talking and I think what we need to do is reorganize
metacat to use a metadata plugin architectu...
Chad Berkley
01:54 PM Bug #636 (Resolved): Need to generalize data/metadata linking mechanism
In Metacat, metadata files are linked to data files via triples. Metacat knows
how to process triples and store the...
Chad Berkley
01:48 PM Bug #635 (Resolved): Metacat needs to be made namespace/schema aware
We have issues with the fact that Metacat can only do dtd validation and not
schema validation and it only recognize...
Chad Berkley


03:55 PM Revision 1316 (metacat): Remove the file which we didn't use.
Jing Tao
02:40 PM Revision 1314 (metacat): In target "getdtd", filtering was set to be "No" when copy style sheet from build directory to lib directory. Filtering will be done when copy these files from lib directory to install directory in "install". The reason why we do this is because it will cause problem when we release metacat. When we release metacat, dtd files and style sheet file are included, so some stycle sheet's token was replaced by distributor's setting, which is different to user. Now token will be replaced in "installation", token will be replaced by user's setting.
Jing Tao


11:16 AM Revision 1313 (metacat): Add http:// to systemidserver
Jing Tao
10:23 AM Revision 1312 (metacat): Get rid of source file from dist target.
Jing Tao
08:51 AM Revision 1311 (metacat): changed values for release


04:48 PM Revision 1310 (metacat): Add a note for postgresql user to update table structure.
Jing Tao
04:37 PM Revision 1309 (metacat): This script is for postgresql user to update their xml_replication table.
Jing Tao
03:53 PM Revision 1308 (metacat): Add two notes for updating replication table and specifying data file path.
Jing Tao
01:09 PM Revision 1307 (metacat): Updated README and build.xml in preparation for a new release. Looks to me
as though the dist and distsrc targets are not working properly because the
dist target produces a distribution with ...
Matt Jones
12:28 PM Bug #468: TLS between ldap server and metacat
Fixed typo in bug simmary: TSL should have been TLS Matt Jones
12:23 PM Revision 1306 (metacat): Added required license files.
Matt Jones
09:11 AM Revision 1305 (metacat): Made a shortcut for % search. It will look like: LIKE '%' rather than: LIKE '%%%'.
Jing Tao

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