From 10/20/2009 to 11/18/2009


01:17 PM Bug #4558 (Resolved): Create validate and isAuthorized unit tests
A new isValid method was created on the metacat authentication service to make validate that a session is active. A ... Michael Daigle
12:38 PM Bug #4557 (Resolved): TPC Sanparks page content lenth issue
If the content of a tpc list page gets to long, it breaks the page. Need to adjust the page length based on the list... Michael Daigle
12:35 PM Bug #3510: reorganize classes into a more functional specific structure
Moved database, access control, properties, and replication related code into their own directories. Michael Daigle
12:32 PM Bug #4420: Enforce permissions for tpc workflow viewing and scheduling
Implemented the isValid service on the metacat authentication service, and added the authority service. The workflow... Michael Daigle
12:28 PM Bug #4551: performance enhancement through index reduction
Also will look at having the ability to keep relative searches by searching on absolute paths. Michael Daigle
12:25 PM Bug #4556 (Resolved): Fix cross platform TPC GUI issues
The new TPC Sanparks skins break on different OSs. Specifically, they don't work well on Windows in IE. Michael Daigle
12:22 PM Bug #4165: Create TPC Report web browse/search pages
Tested successfully with kepler archiving. Michael Daigle
12:21 PM Bug #4166: Create archive extraction functionality
Tested successfully Michael Daigle
12:20 PM Bug #4167: Create Workflow Scheduler
Created workflow scheduler project. Michael Daigle


05:20 PM Bug #4551 (In Progress): performance enhancement through index reduction
PISCO configures their metacat server to index only absolute paths in their metadata documents (rather than relative ... Matt Jones
04:03 PM Revision 5121 (metacat): Start to fix I.E. gui issues


03:13 PM Revision 5120 (metacat): add connection serial number where it was missing.
01:31 PM Revision 5119 (metacat): check for IE6 and show warning if they are using it
ben leinfelder


02:43 PM Revision 5118 (metacat): Remove seconds and minutes values from workflow scheduler and add weeks and months.
02:42 PM Revision 5117 (metacat): Include kar id in delete url parameters so resultset will render after delete
10:37 AM Revision 5116 (metacat): Add ability to schedule daily, weekly and monthly jobs.
10:07 AM Revision 5115 (metacat): Format and add comments.
08:51 AM Revision 5114 (metacat): Beef up comments


02:48 PM Revision 5113 (metacat): add method to read test file from disk
02:47 PM Revision 5112 (metacat): add getaccesscontrol and setaccess api calls
02:47 PM Revision 5111 (metacat): Add access api test and supporting files
02:46 PM Revision 5110 (metacat): handle ben's change to the metacat client read api because it returns inputstream now
02:44 PM Revision 5109 (metacat): Handle the case of trying to insert a conflicting permission order for a document
02:43 PM Revision 5108 (metacat): move dbconnection object out of base class and create it for each db access so it can be released
02:41 PM Revision 5107 (metacat): Add success message to metacat response for setaccess action
01:05 PM Revision 5106 (metacat): add id attributes for form elements (in case IE6 needed them) but it appears they are not required
ben leinfelder


11:34 AM Revision 5105 (metacat): add the "value" attribute for metadata tag downloads
ben leinfelder
10:32 AM Revision 5104 (metacat): handle multiple <principal> elements in the allow/deny blocks
ben leinfelder


03:05 PM Revision 5103 (metacat): Verify we are in the permission and principal sections before setting values on dao object.


06:26 PM Revision 5102 (metacat): add code block (commented out) to use in case "?column?" headers become an issue.
ben leinfelder
03:44 PM Revision 5101 (metacat): handle repeating "?column?" headers - somewhat naively, but consistent
ben leinfelder
11:52 AM Revision 5100 (metacat): Use OR to add permissions, not AND
10:31 AM Revision 5099 (metacat): Change access section in getaccesscontrol and getdocumentinfo apis to be more eml 2.1.0 compliant. Add a block access option to setaccess api.


03:39 PM Revision 5098 (metacat): change AccessControlForSingleFile to only be instantiated for one file. move ACL methods to AccessControlForSingleFile. Change format of access sections returned to EML 2.1.0.
03:37 PM Revision 5097 (metacat): change location of accesscontrolinterface
03:34 PM Revision 5096 (metacat): Removed some old commented out code
03:31 PM Revision 5095 (metacat): Remove unneeded references to Timer


03:42 PM Revision 5094 (metacat): SMS-related addition: retrieve docids for a given doctype
ben leinfelder


10:20 AM Revision 5093 (metacat): will produce an incorrect SQL statement when there is an attribute in the XPath being used to search on. Regardless of the presence of the attribute, the clause:
(SELECT nodeid FROM xml_index WHERE path LIKE " + "'" + path + "') "
would be added to the query.
I've changed Quer...
Chris Jones

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