From 10/25/2009 to 11/23/2009


10:00 AM Bug #4573 (New): LDAP and Register CGIs reference skin-specific templates in the common area
This is a minor issue were the register-dataset.cgi and ldapweb.cgi scripts use a common tempatesDir pointing to the ... Chris Jones


01:17 PM Bug #4558 (Resolved): Create validate and isAuthorized unit tests
A new isValid method was created on the metacat authentication service to make validate that a session is active. A ... Michael Daigle
12:38 PM Bug #4557 (Resolved): TPC Sanparks page content lenth issue
If the content of a tpc list page gets to long, it breaks the page. Need to adjust the page length based on the list... Michael Daigle
12:35 PM Bug #3510: reorganize classes into a more functional specific structure
Moved database, access control, properties, and replication related code into their own directories. Michael Daigle
12:32 PM Bug #4420: Enforce permissions for tpc workflow viewing and scheduling
Implemented the isValid service on the metacat authentication service, and added the authority service. The workflow... Michael Daigle
12:28 PM Bug #4551: performance enhancement through index reduction
Also will look at having the ability to keep relative searches by searching on absolute paths. Michael Daigle
12:25 PM Bug #4556 (Resolved): Fix cross platform TPC GUI issues
The new TPC Sanparks skins break on different OSs. Specifically, they don't work well on Windows in IE. Michael Daigle
12:22 PM Bug #4165: Create TPC Report web browse/search pages
Tested successfully with kepler archiving. Michael Daigle
12:21 PM Bug #4166: Create archive extraction functionality
Tested successfully Michael Daigle
12:20 PM Bug #4167: Create Workflow Scheduler
Created workflow scheduler project. Michael Daigle


05:20 PM Bug #4551 (In Progress): performance enhancement through index reduction
PISCO configures their metacat server to index only absolute paths in their metadata documents (rather than relative ... Matt Jones

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