From 05/05/2011 to 06/03/2011


12:51 PM Revision 6120 (metacat): include CNCore implementation - only registerSystemMetadata is implemented at the moment. also - updated d1 jar (0.6.2) should be used since that is where the method is defined.
would like to consider making ResourceHandler more modular - seems like it does A LOT of different things ben leinfelder


04:40 PM Revision 6119 (metacat): include System Metadata forced replication - just need to figure out when to call it!
ben leinfelder


01:45 PM Revision 6118 (metacat): handle timed replication of system metadata. there are still a few outstanding issues:
-track server location of system metadata-only entries
-replication policy flag for system metadata-only entries?
ben leinfelder


11:55 AM Revision 6108 (metacat): read and write D1 access policy rules from metacat xml_access table.
still TBD: which mechanism takes precedence when there are systemMetadata access rules and EML access rules and other... ben leinfelder
09:45 AM Revision 6107 (metacat): persist system metadata replication policy and status using db tables
ben leinfelder


11:51 AM Revision 6105 (metacat): rework SystemMetadata creation when inserting documents via the Metacat servlet api (in which case there was no client-supplued system metadata)
ben leinfelder
10:25 AM Revision 6104 (metacat): do not look in systemMetadata for a docid->guid mapping
ben leinfelder


03:54 PM Revision 6103 (metacat): use 1.9.4 version
ben leinfelder
03:53 PM Revision 6102 (metacat): transfer full System Metadata (as XML) during document and data replication
ben leinfelder
12:05 PM Revision 6100 (metacat): remove docid and rev from systemMetadata table
ben leinfelder
11:59 AM Revision 6099 (metacat): -remove system metadata guid -> local id mapping (there is no document for system metadata now)
-include system metadata elements when replicating data objects (TODO: transfer all system metadata structures with t... ben leinfelder


04:26 PM Revision 6098 (metacat): add systemMetadataProvenance table for tracking those relationships
ben leinfelder
04:18 PM Revision 6097 (metacat): do not use XML files for storing SystemMetadata - use DB tables only.
ben leinfelder


10:23 AM Revision 6096 (metacat): Committing the change to the utilities tag to pick up fixes in newline handling at the end of the files. With this, the MetacatClientTests pass.
Matt Jones


07:31 PM Revision 6095 (metacat): Commenting out these MetacatRestClient tests because the Metacat RestService is no longer registered as a servlet and needs to be removed, along with the associated MetacatRestClient and tests.
Matt Jones
07:06 PM Revision 6094 (metacat): Fixed MetaCatServletTest test failures by removing the hardcoded username/passwords used in the tests and replacing those with data from
Matt Jones
05:05 PM Revision 6093 (metacat): Fix AuthLdapTest to use accounts that are more reliable when searching for existing accounts in the getPrincipals output.
Matt Jones
01:52 PM Revision 6092 (metacat): Modified Metacat to build against the D1_SCHEMA_0_6_1 branch of the dataone schemas by incorporating the 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT version of d1_common and d1_libclient libraries, and refactoring Metacat code references to the d1 schema changed types.
Matt Jones


04:32 PM Revision 6091 (metacat): In order to sync up with DataONE 0.6.1 changes, I'm backing out ObjectFormatService changes temporarily in Metacat. Most functionality will be rolled back in using the DataONE 0.6.2 tag, but some methods in ObjectFormatService (such as getListFromDisk()) will be moved into d1_libclient_java.
Chris Jones
04:51 AM Revision 6089 (metacat): Added in the 0.6.0 version of the d1_common_java library that has object format changes.
Chris Jones


08:02 PM Revision 6088 (metacat): Changes in the DataONE ObjectFormat class deprecate the convert() method, and we're now using Metacat's ObjectFormatService to look up object format attributes. The following changes replace ObjectFormat.convert() with ObjectFormatService.getFormat() in several classes.
Also added a few methods to ObjectFormatService where doRefresh() calls populateObjectFormatList(), which in turn cal... Chris Jones
07:43 PM Revision 6087 (metacat): Include the DataONE 0.6.0 type schema in the SQL schema and DTD loader script.
Chris Jones
07:41 PM Revision 6086 (metacat): Updating the cached object format list to the new DataONE namespace including the 'ns' domain component.
Chris Jones


11:25 AM Revision 6080 (metacat): add additionalMetadata/metadata/spatialResolution/value and additionalMetadata/metadata/spatialResolution/units for indexing. Also add missing comma behind additionalMetadata/moderatorComment


04:43 PM Bug #5395 (Rejected): Get unexpected result if a search was done before metacat finishes its indexing during the inserting process.
Hi, Scott:
I dug around this issue a while and found it out it was a search cache issue in Metacat. Did you do an ...
Jing Tao
03:14 PM Revision 6079 (metacat): use update method to update the mapping between local and guid (d1) when we get a force replication request that is an "update
ben leinfelder
02:27 PM Bug #5394 (Resolved): FGDC interface does not correctly show controls and permission settings
When browsing datasets all users - whether logged in or not - are shown options to delete and update permissions for ... ben leinfelder
02:25 PM Bug #5393: SANParks FGDC skin issues
now replacing spaces with underscores so that the docid scope is valid. both issues have been resolved ben leinfelder
02:24 PM Bug #5392: FGDC download button does not work
changing to resolved... ben leinfelder
02:24 PM Bug #5392: FGDC download button does not work
this is fixed and planned for deployment ben leinfelder
12:14 PM Revision 6071 (metacat): remove entity encoded characters that were garbled in browser (sanparks patch)
ben leinfelder
10:50 AM Revision 6069 (metacat): updating CrudServiceTest with better exception handling (more specific) to match refactored class
10:45 AM Revision 6068 (metacat): generateMissingSystemMetadata was swallowing Exceptions instead of throwing. Refactored so that specific exceptions are thrown, affecting [create/update]SystemMetadata methods, too.
10:19 AM Revision 6067 (metacat): committing changes related to the new restservice update specification (newPid vs. obsoletedGuid)
10:10 AM Revision 6066 (metacat): remove entity encoded characters that were garbled in browser (sanparks patch)
ben leinfelder
10:00 AM Revision 6064 (metacat): replace whitespace in generated docid scope (sanparks patch from 1.9.4 branch)
ben leinfelder

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