From 01/25/2013 to 02/23/2013


01:06 PM Revision 7498 (metacat): tweak to pathquery/generic xpath handling
Brendan Hahn
12:05 PM Revision 7497 (metacat): use utilities and eml style tag as we prep for release.
ben leinfelder
11:52 AM Revision 7496 (metacat): ready Metacat for 2.0.6 release (docs, db version, build files etc).
ben leinfelder
11:49 AM Bug #5814: Test CILogon-to-LDAP account mapping utility
Moving to 2.0.6 release in support of Morpho 2.0 ben leinfelder
11:44 AM Bug #5865: Ensure DataONE pathquery for owner uses mapped accounts
Yes, multiple owners can be specified in the pathquery and the mapped identities are included when determining if the... ben leinfelder
11:07 AM Revision 7495 (metacat): group user_owner clause as "AND (... OR .... OR ....)" to handle multiple pathquery <owner> elements.
ben leinfelder


05:15 PM Revision 7494 (metacat): accidentally added
Brendan Hahn
05:13 PM Revision 7493 (metacat): typo
Brendan Hahn
05:13 PM Revision 7492 (metacat): remove older lucene library and include ORE test to make sure that change does not prevent us from generating OREs.
ben leinfelder
05:12 PM Bug #5874: Lucene classpath conflict
removing the old lucene-core jar still allows us to generate ORE maps ben leinfelder
04:56 PM Bug #5874: Lucene classpath conflict
According to svn history, I added the lucene-core-2.2.0.jar when adding the foresite dependencies for libclient and O... ben leinfelder
03:52 PM Bug #5874 (Resolved): Lucene classpath conflict
Mutually incompatible lucene-core libraries in lib/ Brendan Hahn
04:05 PM Task #5822: Enforce access control for SOLR-based search implementation
Identity token to be added to MetacatIndex query operation and used to filter at the solr interface.
What about non-...
Brendan Hahn
03:55 PM Bug #5875 (Rejected): d1_cn_index_processor package
Have maven jar up the classes from d1_cn_index_processor for use in metacat Brendan Hahn
12:43 PM Revision 7491 (metacat): Search and indexing with Lucene/SOLR
Requires a manually configured SOLR installation
Not currently used by the rest of metacat
Brendan Hahn


07:05 AM Bug #5865 (Resolved): Ensure DataONE pathquery for owner uses mapped accounts
Morpho uses the notion of an "owner query" when you are logged in and use "Open...". We need to make sure that object... ben leinfelder


05:41 PM Task #5820: Incorporate DataONE indexing
The biggest obstacle to integrating D1 code directly is decoupling from Spring. Thankfully a lot of it is just name-v... Brendan Hahn
10:04 AM Revision 7490 (metacat): PARC, OBFS, NRS: use only the paths that are indexed by default in If deployments want to cusotmize these, they are free to do so, but we should ship skins that match the paths we index with a vanilla installation.
ben leinfelder


04:05 PM Bug #5840: Implement MN.generateIdentifier with UUID scheme
This is in trunk now. See related bug re:DOI and reserving identifiers so that they are not handed out again. ben leinfelder
03:37 PM Bug #5840 (Resolved): Implement MN.generateIdentifier with UUID scheme
This method needs work -- it generates an identifier with fragment.timestamp and uses "autogen" if the fragment is no... ben leinfelder
04:02 PM Revision 7489 (metacat): generate ID from UUID.
ben leinfelder
03:38 PM Bug #5753: Implement mn.generateIdentifier()
This needs more attention. ben leinfelder


10:17 AM Bug #5837 (Rejected): Strings
Source is infested with hard-coded strings, many duplicated. Should be resources. Brendan Hahn
10:16 AM Bug #5836 (New): Logs
Logs are kind of a mess, mixing multiple logging object types along with System.* output. Metacat has its own log dir... Brendan Hahn
09:44 AM Bug #5835 (New): Leaks
There are significant memory leaks that will eventually hang or kill the application server if metacat is restarted w... Brendan Hahn


05:14 PM Bug #5833 (Closed): Temporary files aren't
Detritus accumulates in the 'temporary' directory. Output files generated by read requests may persist for the lifeti... Brendan Hahn
04:49 PM Bug #5832 (Closed): Old libraries
Most or all of the libraries used by Metacat are substantially out of date; many are deprecated or unsupported. Brendan Hahn
03:05 PM Bug #5830 (New): Deployment directory incorrect
Metacat stores its deployment directory in, where the value can lose sync with the actual deployme... Brendan Hahn
02:58 PM Bug #5828 (New): docids not validated
Externally provided document identifiers are not always checked for syntax (e.g. multipart-form submission) and produ... Brendan Hahn

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