From 02/24/2013 to 03/25/2013


05:22 PM Revision 7525 (metacat): switch to non-snapshot EZID client jar.
ben leinfelder
02:33 PM Bug #5814: Test CILogon-to-LDAP account mapping utility
we've been using this on mn-demo-5 with good result ben leinfelder
11:57 AM Revision 7524 (metacat): use new, dedicated, LTER test account for LDAP referral test.
ben leinfelder
10:30 AM Revision 7522 (metacat): added more classes to the index diagram to reflect current state of the code - needs to be updated to include plan for implementation (e.g., DocType object is not what we want).
ben leinfelder


04:50 PM Revision 7521 (metacat): enable plantuml generation when building the sphinx documentation. note that you do need to have graphviz installed, but hopefully that is all.
ben leinfelder
12:43 PM Revision 7520 (metacat): select only distinct guids (synch may have failed more than once for any given guid) ben leinfelder
12:29 PM Revision 7519 (metacat): include xml_revisions.
do not allow removal of server_location = 1 documents (these are not replicas).
ben leinfelder


04:07 PM Bug #5875: d1_cn_index_processor package
Tried to use the d1_cn_index_processor-1.1.0.jar, but the compilation of Metacata failed. The reasons there is some c... Jing Tao


12:24 PM Revision 7518 (metacat): add README note about DOI support
ben leinfelder
12:18 PM Bug #5513: add support for DOI identifiers from EZID
Now using Title from EML (dataset/title element) for those objects.
Looking up full name from CN using the SM.rightsH...
ben leinfelder


09:56 AM Revision 7517 (metacat): include size and format datcite elements (optional) and use more general resourceType without formatId in them (Dataset/metadata and Dataset/data).
ben leinfelder


05:11 PM Revision 7516 (metacat): lookup the title for EML files when registering DOIs.
lookup the creator from DataONE CN (if available).
add EML-based test.
ben leinfelder
03:50 PM Bug #5818: SOLR deployment on Lucene index
We use solr query. Jing Tao
03:49 PM Bug #5815: Integrate Lucene indexing
We will use solr. so close it. Jing Tao
03:48 PM Feature #5810: Implement SOLR-based search
Where "Metacat docs" include:
-Currently indexed DataONE science metadata (EML versions, FGDC versions, Dryad)
Jing Tao
03:13 PM Revision 7515 (metacat): Set the session to null so that the call uses the CN certificate when calling MN.systemMetadataChanged();
Chris Jones
09:39 AM Bug #5513: add support for DOI identifiers from EZID
Current status (3/13/2013):
-DOIs are minted using configured account/shoulder using MN.generateIdentifier(). EZID ha...
ben leinfelder
07:26 AM Revision 7514 (metacat): To keep all nodes up to date with regard to system metadata changes, add the broadcastSystemMetadataChange() method that finds replica MNs in the node list and calls systemMetadataChanged(). Modify setReplicationStatus() and updateReplicationMetadata() to fire this off when a replica status changes to completed. We may decide to inform MNs at other times too, but this is a conservative amount of calls going to the MNs for now.
Chris Jones


04:45 PM Revision 7513 (metacat): include the create test in the suite
ben leinfelder
04:44 PM Revision 7512 (metacat): refactor DOI registration into separate class.
ben leinfelder
04:26 PM Revision 7511 (metacat): refactor using ezid-client changes that split field names and values into separate enums.
ben leinfelder
03:20 PM Revision 7510 (metacat): Correctly mint and register DOIs in teh MN API implementation. Add tests to exercise minting and creating.
ben leinfelder
03:18 PM Revision 7509 (metacat): reference the correct entry for "guid.ezid.enabled"
ben leinfelder
01:15 PM Revision 7508 (metacat): use correct default ezid service baseURL
ben leinfelder


04:48 PM Revision 7507 (metacat): register DOIs with minimal DataCite metadata. still need to determine which details to include and when, but the plumbing is in place as we refine those rules.
ben leinfelder
03:28 PM Bug #5755: Include EZID api library in Metacat for registering DOIs.
Added baseUrl parameter to constructor to allow use of testing EZID servers. Now building with hudson as well: http:/... ben leinfelder


03:49 PM Revision 7506 (metacat): class for removing failed/invalid replicas from target nodes that previously held replicated content (KNB/LTER/PISCO/etc).
ben leinfelder


05:16 PM Revision 7505 (metacat): add section about behavior for deprecated Metacat API.
ben leinfelder
05:05 PM Revision 7504 (metacat): add DOI development page.
ben leinfelder


04:59 PM Bug #5821: Allow certificate-based Metacat administration
move to Metacat product ben leinfelder


10:28 AM Bug #5753: Implement mn.generateIdentifier()
Current feature set (UUID) is complete. For DOI/EZID support, see related bug: #5513 ben leinfelder
10:17 AM Bug #5753: Implement mn.generateIdentifier()
Metacat 2.0.6 now supports UUID (as it should have from the beginning). ben leinfelder
10:27 AM Revision 7503 (metacat): disable EZID/DOI minting by default since we do not yet have a means of tracking minted DOIs and augmenting metadata for them when we actually receive the object in a subsequent create() or update() call.
ben leinfelder


09:23 AM Revision 7502 (metacat): use utilities 1.3.0 tag
ben leinfelder
08:53 AM Task #5884: Document solr-based Metacat indexing in user docs (RST format)
Added an outline in the Metacat project:
ben leinfelder
08:51 AM Task #5884 (Closed): Document solr-based Metacat indexing in user docs (RST format)
We can use this as both a design document and as an end [advanced-] user guide. ben leinfelder
08:52 AM Revision 7501 (metacat): add solr index documentation outline.
ben leinfelder
08:36 AM Task #5883 (Closed): Create unit tests to exercise Metacat SOLR query/index features
It would be a good start to be able to insert a single test EML document into the index and then be able to query the... ben leinfelder
08:30 AM Bug #5875: d1_cn_index_processor package
The d1_cn_index_processor should then be considered a managed, released product and should be versioned like the d1_c... ben leinfelder
08:27 AM Task #5822: Enforce access control for SOLR-based search implementation
My gut feeling is that simply augmenting the user-provided solr query with additional AND-clauses to constrain to the... ben leinfelder
08:14 AM Task #5820: Incorporate DataONE indexing
Ideally we can compromise between reusing existing DataONE indexing configuration and making it easy for Metacat admi... ben leinfelder
08:06 AM Bug #5817: MN query for Lucene index
I believe we have decided that MNQuery will expose SOLR, not just Lucene. Marking as a duplicate. ben leinfelder
07:59 AM Bug #5815: Integrate Lucene indexing
Where "Metacat docs" include:
-Currently indexed DataONE science metadata (EML versions, FGDC versions, Dryad)
ben leinfelder
07:47 AM Feature #5810: Implement SOLR-based search
MNQuery.listQueryEngines() will return these engines: {"pathquery", "solr"} and we'd call MNQuery.query("solr", <solr... ben leinfelder


11:16 PM Bug #5814: Test CILogon-to-LDAP account mapping utility
With a client certificate for a mapped identity, I am able to see network packages that are owned by one of my equiva... ben leinfelder
09:15 PM Revision 7500 (metacat): wordsmith the identity mapping page. Not fundamentally different, but hopefully more concise.
ben leinfelder
09:14 PM Revision 7499 (metacat): use d1_libclient v1.2.1 (temp file creation fix)
ben leinfelder

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