From 05/08/2016 to 06/06/2016


04:51 PM Revision 9815 (metacat): Don't need to add "." for file name between the identifier and file extention in the getObject method.
The v1 getExtension method includes '.'. But the v2 version doesn't include it. Jing Tao


11:58 AM Revision 9812 (metacat): Add small change to reset the content type of CSV files to text/csv when they are incorrectly set by Windows clients to an excel type. Addresses issues raised in Arctic Data ticket:
Matt Jones


12:39 PM Bug #7034 (Closed): Metacat always shows the https protocol on the dataone base url even it is configured without supporting ssl
The change was committed to both the trunk and branch 2.7. Jing Tao
12:38 PM Bug #7034 (Closed): Metacat always shows the https protocol on the dataone base url even it is configured without supporting ssl
Please see details on:
Jing Tao
12:18 PM Revision 9809 (metacat): Use the method getContextURL rather than getSecureContextURL in the getCapacities method.
So if the server doesn't support sll, the getCapacities will return a baseURL with http. Jing Tao


11:32 AM Bug #7033 (Resolved): Add external link to FGDC stylesheet
See ben leinfelder
11:31 AM Bug #7032 (Resolved): Add ONEDCX stylesheet for D1 view service
see ben leinfelder


10:34 AM Revision 9806 (metacat): render temporal periods and single dates.
ben leinfelder


06:15 PM Revision 9805 (metacat): surround onedcx metdata display in form-horizontal section for more consistent layout with other metadata standards.
ben leinfelder
03:53 PM Revision 9804 (metacat): place bounding coordinates in controls-well.
ben leinfelder
03:31 PM Revision 9803 (metacat): Add a system property to pass maven home directory to maven call.
Jing Tao
11:22 AM Revision 9798 (metacat): Added the release noe for 2.7.0
Jing Tao


09:54 PM Revision 9797 (metacat): consolidate online access section. format xsl whitespace
ben leinfelder
04:20 PM Revision 9796 (metacat): Change the db upgrade script to 2.8.0
Jing Tao
04:16 PM Revision 9795 (metacat): Add the version table to 2.8.0
Jing Tao
04:15 PM Revision 9794 (metacat): Add a upgrade script for 2.8.0
Jing Tao
04:12 PM Revision 9793 (metacat): Change it to 2.8.0 version.
Jing Tao
04:11 PM Revision 9792 (metacat): Change it to 2.8.0 version.
Jing Tao
04:10 PM Revision 9791 (metacat): Change the version to 2.8.0 snapshot.
Jing Tao
04:08 PM Revision 9790 (metacat): Change the trunk to 2.8.0 version.
Jing Tao
12:53 PM Revision 9788 (metacat): add rendering for onlink to FGDC xslt.
ben leinfelder
12:33 PM Revision 9787 (metacat): add creators and online access sections for DCX.
ben leinfelder
12:19 PM Revision 9786 (metacat): add first pass at DCX XSLT.
ben leinfelder
11:25 AM Revision 9785 (metacat): merge from 2.6 branch: include multiple alternate identifiers in hidden form if there is an error that needs to be corrected and resubmitted.
ben leinfelder


01:56 PM Revision 9783 (metacat): correct two minor differences from 2.6 merge: formatId parameter for MetacatHandler and using AuthUtils for gathering group membership information.
ben leinfelder
09:45 AM Revision 9782 (metacat): use metacat ui 1.11.3 tag
ben leinfelder
09:23 AM Revision 9781 (metacat): Merge in changes from the 2.6.0 release.
Chris Jones
09:01 AM Revision 9780 (metacat): Merge changes from the 2.6.0 release.
Chris Jones


05:27 PM Bug #7030 (Closed): Add EML 2.1.1 to DC support for OAI provider
Moving this to 2.7 target since we are planning on doing that release very soon anyway. The fix is in both the 2.6 br... ben leinfelder
10:58 AM Bug #7030 (Closed): Add EML 2.1.1 to DC support for OAI provider
Related to #7009 - I neglected to add support for EML to DC crosswalking. ben leinfelder
11:11 AM Revision 9779 (metacat): merge from 2.6 branch: add support for EML 2.1.1 to DC crosswalking for OAI provider.
ben leinfelder


03:47 PM Bug #7021 (Closed): "Award number is missing." error from the registry when
This is fixed in the register-dataset.cgi logic now. Thanks Lauren. Chris Jones
03:39 PM Bug #6980 (Closed): Login form template is appended at the end of Confirmation template received from registry
ben leinfelder
03:28 PM Bug #6955 (Closed): Error when submitting to registry
Chris has substantially re-worked the party handling and I believe this can be closed. ben leinfelder
03:25 PM Bug #6970 (Closed): MN.getPackage() omits data file extensions
ben leinfelder
03:24 PM Feature #7023 (Closed): Treat CHANGEPERMISSION the same as ALL
All tests have been updated to reflect cascading permissions ben leinfelder


11:43 AM Feature #7023 (In Progress): Treat CHANGEPERMISSION the same as ALL
I've updated the 2.6 branch code to reflect this more relaxed interpretation of ACLs. I've also modified the access c... ben leinfelder
10:39 AM Feature #7023 (Closed): Treat CHANGEPERMISSION the same as ALL
To better conform with the DataONE access control model, we are going to treat the change permission the same as all ... ben leinfelder
10:47 AM Revision 9729 (metacat): use correct Metacat API action for retrieving access control block
ben leinfelder

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