From 11/02/2016 to 12/01/2016


06:19 PM Revision 10063 (metacat): include initial MDQ run processing in metacat-index
ben leinfelder


11:20 AM Revision 10062 (metacat): Use a new class to overwrite the class RdfXmlSubprocessor in d1-processor since that one has a method to use solr http server directly.
Jing Tao
10:24 AM Revision 10060 (metacat): merge changes from d1 indexing lib
ben leinfelder
01:35 AM Revision 10059 (metacat): Continue work on ISO XSLTs
- We now have a template for CI_Citation
- I moved some templates into separate XSLTs
- Cleaned up overally structure...
Bryce Mecum


12:52 AM Revision 10058 (metacat): Include the files that were totally supposed to go in the last commit
Bryce Mecum
12:51 AM Revision 10057 (metacat): Continue work in ISO XSLT
- Tweak how extents are displayed
- Start adding support for GML Polygons
- Restructure EX module templates and clean...
Bryce Mecum
10:12 PM Revision 10056 (metacat): Continue work on ISO XSLT
- Cleans up the root element to better match what we want in the end (looks like the EML XSLT)
- Switches a lot of ca...
Bryce Mecum


11:40 AM Revision 10054 (metacat): Add a smart test when we set the file name for the header of "content-deposition":
When the id doesn't end with the file extention, we set the file to be id+extension. Jing Tao
10:28 AM Revision 10050 (metacat): To set the content-deposition header, the cn will look the file name in the system metadata first.
Jing Tao


07:01 PM Revision 10049 (metacat): Improve output of ISO XSLT
Bryce Mecum
06:59 PM Revision 10048 (metacat): Hook ISO XSLT into view service
Bryce Mecum


02:55 PM Revision 10047 (metacat): Fix issue in getDefaultReplicationPolicy.
Previously, under some circumstances, a ReplicationPolicy was created but was missing the optional replicationAllowed... Matt Jones


10:34 PM Revision 10046 (metacat): Create first basic version of ISO 19115 XSL stylesheets
Bryce Mecum


05:22 PM Revision 10044 (metacat): Add code to testArchive, testSetAccessPolicy, testSetOwner and testSetReplicationPolicy on objects whose authoritative member node is v1 or v2 MNRead.
Jing Tao


09:30 AM Revision 10043 (metacat): use "PLACEHOLDER" for annotation target rather than the actual attribute name value (for manual annotations added from spreadsheet).
ben leinfelder
05:26 PM Revision 10041 (metacat): Use the "MNRead" to replace "MNStorage" to determine the version of the MN.
Jing Tao


11:15 AM Revision 10038 (metacat): Change MetacatUI version to 1.12.3
Lauren Walker


01:03 PM Revision 10037 (metacat): Use MetacatUI 1.12.2
Lauren Walker

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