From 03/18/2017 to 04/16/2017


08:10 AM Bug #7182 (New): Allow partial package downloads when some of the objects are private
When you try to download a package that has at least one private object, you get a 401 - Unauthorized response. When ... Lauren Walker


04:41 PM Bug #7181 (New): Verify completeness of unit test MetacatRdfXmlSubprocessorTest
Verify that all prov relationships that are indexed via src/main/resources/application-context-prov-base.xml are insp... Peter Slaughter


09:18 AM Bug #7178: MNodeService.getPackage() takes too long for large packages
If you can figure out how to reference files rather than copy them, I FULLY support that! I suppose the MN.getPackage... ben leinfelder
07:22 AM Bug #7178 (New): MNodeService.getPackage() takes too long for large packages
When users click on the @Download All@ button in MetacatUI, we call @MN.getPackage()@ to zip up the members, create H... Chris Jones


12:23 PM Task #7177 (New): Ensure Metacat runs on Tomcat 8
I was working with on an installation of Metacat 2.8.1 and we could not get Metacat... ben leinfelder


03:09 PM Bug #7176 (Closed): Metacat-index RDF/XML subprocessor not populating prov_hasDerivations field
The package has one prov relationship ... Peter Slaughter


11:55 AM Bug #7174 (Resolved): register-dataset.cgi fails when string matching on line 5830
I tracked down the issue to an ASCII character in Alicia Cortéss name being set on the token_info hash. It is set via... Lauren Walker

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