From 06/28/2017 to 07/27/2017


10:37 AM Revision 10374 (metacat): Move Additional Info in the EML stylesheet to after the keyword sets
Lauren Walker
07:25 AM Revision 10372 (metacat): Show the additionalInfo under Data Usage Rights to reflect the additional info collected in the Registry
Lauren Walker


04:23 PM Bug #7203: Improve D1NodeService.isAuthorized() performance
I've re-ordered the authorization in @isAuthorized()@. Needs testing, and merging into the 2.8.x branch. Chris Jones
04:14 PM Bug #7203 (In Progress): Improve D1NodeService.isAuthorized() performance
We're seeing poor performance in calls to @D1NodeService.isAuthorized()@ on When the system M... Chris Jones
04:19 PM Revision 10370 (metacat): Change isAuthorized() to prioritize user authz
Re-order the calls to userHasPermission(), isAdminAuthorized(), and isAuthoritativeMNodeAdmin() such that the user au... Chris Jones
04:02 PM Bug #7200: Remove redundant alternate identifier form in register-dataset.cgi template
I removed the duplicated code in @metacatui/entryForm.tmpl@. Just needs to be merged into the 2.8 branch. Chris Jones


06:16 PM Revision 10369 (metacat): Convert System.out.println() calls
We've had these calls printing to the log on every REST call. Change them to a logger debug() level so we can filter ... Chris Jones


03:38 PM Bug #7201 (Closed): Some DataONE service packages not being reported
Since MNQuery is optional on Metacat (operators can choose not install metacat-index), we only added the java code to... Jing Tao


04:10 PM Revision 10366 (metacat): Use the EncodingUtilities method to decode a string.
Jing Tao
11:37 AM Revision 10363 (metacat): Add the view service.
Jing Tao
11:37 AM Revision 10362 (metacat): Add the code to handle query and view service.
Jing Tao


11:37 AM Bug #7201: Some DataONE service packages not being reported
It seems we miss "MNQuery" and "MNView" as well. Jing Tao
10:44 AM Revision 10361 (metacat): Add the code to read the MNPackage configuration.
Jing Tao
10:40 AM Revision 10360 (metacat): Add the MNPackage configuration.
Jing Tao
10:22 AM Revision 10357 (metacat): Remove the duplicated alternate identifier section.
It seemed to have been caused by a branch code merge. Chris Jones

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