From 07/04/2017 to 08/02/2017


04:41 PM Task #7204 (New): Use the ldaps protocal to connect the ldap server
Current we use the StartTlsRequest to secure the connection between the Metacat and ldap server. The url for this con... Jing Tao


10:37 AM Revision 10374 (metacat): Move Additional Info in the EML stylesheet to after the keyword sets
Lauren Walker
07:25 AM Revision 10372 (metacat): Show the additionalInfo under Data Usage Rights to reflect the additional info collected in the Registry
Lauren Walker


04:23 PM Bug #7203: Improve D1NodeService.isAuthorized() performance
I've re-ordered the authorization in @isAuthorized()@. Needs testing, and merging into the 2.8.x branch. Chris Jones
04:14 PM Bug #7203 (In Progress): Improve D1NodeService.isAuthorized() performance
We're seeing poor performance in calls to @D1NodeService.isAuthorized()@ on When the system M... Chris Jones
04:19 PM Revision 10370 (metacat): Change isAuthorized() to prioritize user authz
Re-order the calls to userHasPermission(), isAdminAuthorized(), and isAuthoritativeMNodeAdmin() such that the user au... Chris Jones
04:02 PM Bug #7200: Remove redundant alternate identifier form in register-dataset.cgi template
I removed the duplicated code in @metacatui/entryForm.tmpl@. Just needs to be merged into the 2.8 branch. Chris Jones


06:16 PM Revision 10369 (metacat): Convert System.out.println() calls
We've had these calls printing to the log on every REST call. Change them to a logger debug() level so we can filter ... Chris Jones


03:38 PM Bug #7201 (Closed): Some DataONE service packages not being reported
Since MNQuery is optional on Metacat (operators can choose not install metacat-index), we only added the java code to... Jing Tao

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