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  common 10206 almost 6 years Chris Jones Add the 'Collaborator' role to the list of role...
  images 8377 over 9 years Jing Tao Add nceas's logo.
  skins 10200 almost 6 years Lauren Walker Remove extra <table> HTML element that was caus...

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10206 04/06/2017 09:51 AM Chris Jones

Add the 'Collaborator' role to the list of roles in the EML Registry CGI.


10200 03/28/2017 12:55 PM Lauren Walker

Remove extra <table> HTML element that was causing rendering issues with the enumerated domain template

10195 03/24/2017 06:30 PM Bryce Mecum

Fix broken links in taxonomy section of registry guide

10194 03/23/2017 10:17 AM Bryce Mecum

Fix a typo that was preventing dateTime attributes from rendering fully

10191 03/09/2017 05:47 PM Bryce Mecum

If EML physical/size/@unit isn't specified, assume its bytes

Previously, if the unit attribute wasn't set on an EML physical size
element, the size showed up as just the number with no units. The EML
spec says that, if unit is omitted, bytes is the assumed unit.

10174 01/24/2017 12:40 PM Bryce Mecum

- Clean up isoroot selectors and comments. Use relative xpaths when possible
- Clean up the output of the ex module
- Misc whitespace/formatting fixes

10169 12/29/2016 02:26 PM Bryce Mecum

Clean up ISO stylesheet formatting

10160 12/22/2016 06:17 PM Bryce Mecum

Start the basis for gmd:distributionInfo

10159 12/22/2016 06:02 PM Bryce Mecum

Minor tweaks and code cleanup to ISO XSLT

- Renamed the folder once more to be more correct

10158 12/22/2016 05:58 PM Bryce Mecum

Improve the EML XSLT's handling of ORCIDs as userIds

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