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  bin 743 about 23 years Matt Jones Modifications that change the package handling ...
  docs 1846 over 20 years blankman Harvester UML activity diagram in jpeg format. ...
  lib 1952 over 20 years Matt Jones New build system that creates a war file and de...
  src 1953 over 20 years Matt Jones Added new function "getLastId" to the Metacat.p...
  test 1829 almost 21 years Matt Jones Added more debugging messgaes to the test in an...
LICENSE 17.7 KB 666 over 23 years Matt Jones Modified the license and copyright terms for ma...
README 5.26 KB 1776 almost 21 years Jing Tao Revise it a little bit. 1.61 KB 1943 over 20 years brooke build props for production metacat on ecoinfo 1.03 KB 670 over 23 years Matt Jones Updated build files with minor documentation ch...
build.xml 38.3 KB 1952 over 20 years Matt Jones New build system that creates a war file and de...

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1953 12/05/2003 07:01 PM Matt Jones

Added new function "getLastId" to the perl Metacat client. Returns
the hisghest docid in use in a given scope.

1952 12/05/2003 04:42 PM Matt Jones

New build system that creates a war file and deploys it to tomcat. Also
updated the web.xml files so that a better servlet path is used. Now, by
default, the servlet path will be: /knb/metacat (as opposed to the
prior servlet path which was /knb/servlet/metacat and depended on the...

1951 12/05/2003 01:21 PM Matt Jones

Moved the file from the jar file to now be located in
the tomcat context directory in WEB-INF. Now the metacat configuration is
editable in place. This change depends on a new class in the
utilities module, so be sure you do a "clean" build in metacat so that you...

1950 12/05/2003 07:48 AM Duane Costa

Add harvester targets

1949 12/04/2003 09:49 AM Duane Costa

Improvements to Harvester single file upload servlets

1948 12/04/2003 08:50 AM Duane Costa

Harvester forms to support single file upload to metacat.

1947 12/02/2003 05:02 PM Matt Jones

Fixed links to ldapweb to include the cfg param for proper styling.

1946 12/02/2003 03:50 PM brooke

removed search box from header

1945 12/02/2003 03:28 PM brooke

corrected image path

1944 12/02/2003 03:04 PM brooke

missed an edit when fixing the bug whereby form names aren't allowed to contain hyphens

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