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  bin 743 almost 22 years Matt Jones Modifications that change the package handling ...
  docs 1987 about 19 years Jing Tao Update result set from relation to trip.
  lib 2001 about 19 years Matt Jones Adjusted the text on the NCEAS repository page....
  src 2003 about 19 years Matt Jones Fixed registry bug involving a string compariso...
  test 1959 over 19 years blankman This is a sample of a harvest document relocate...
LICENSE 17.7 KB 666 about 22 years Matt Jones Modified the license and copyright terms for ma...
README 5.26 KB 1776 over 19 years Jing Tao Revise it a little bit. 1.61 KB 1943 over 19 years brooke build props for production metacat on ecoinfo 1.03 KB 670 about 22 years Matt Jones Updated build files with minor documentation ch...
build.xml 38.2 KB 1990 about 19 years Matt Jones Changing version in build in preparation for a ...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
2003 01/12/2004 05:44 PM Matt Jones

Fixed registry bug involving a string comparison (used numeric
equality instead of string equality).

2001 01/09/2004 01:08 AM Matt Jones

Adjusted the text on the NCEAS repository page. Changed the project list
so that it now displays short title but uses the long title in the
entry. This was doen because the long titles were far too long to display
decently in the list (the box scrolled way off the right of the page).

2000 01/08/2004 06:57 PM Matt Jones

Removed unneeded Net::LDAP dependency. Now all authentication occurs
indirectly through Metacat.

1999 01/08/2004 06:48 PM Matt Jones

Added skin for the UCNRS data registry based on earlier work. Minor
modifications to the templates to accomodate this. Fixed a validation
bug in the register-dataset.cgi, and removed an unnecessary Net::LDAP
login as well because the authentication is handled by metacat.

1998 01/08/2004 09:21 AM Matt Jones

Restoring AuthLdap to previous search filter. Determined that the problem was
a missing o: attribute in the UCNRS LDAP directory. Adding it in makes the old
method work. The change I had made caused some confusion about authentication
because using just uid for a filter caused too many return dn's, and it was just...

1997 01/08/2004 08:31 AM Matt Jones

Fixed validation check for samplingDescription.

1996 01/07/2004 07:08 PM Matt Jones

Another eml.jar version with the appropriate config.xml in place.

1995 01/07/2004 06:13 PM Matt Jones

New eml.jar that includes the parser bug fix against eml-2.0.0 schemas.

1994 01/07/2004 06:04 PM Matt Jones

Changed label for NCEAS project group list on the web form.

1993 01/07/2004 03:13 PM Matt Jones

Changes to re-enable the nceas admindb access for the production install.

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