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  bin 2639 over 18 years harris Added an attribute to the metacat shapefile cal...
  docs 2600 over 18 years harris My thoughts on the metacat spatial architecture.
  lib 2689 over 18 years sgarg 1. useSiteCoord option is made avaiable again 2...
  src 2688 over 18 years harris Interim checkin -- getting the postgis database...
  test 2639 over 18 years harris Added an attribute to the metacat shapefile cal...
LICENSE 17.7 KB 666 over 23 years Matt Jones Modified the license and copyright terms for ma...
README 15.5 KB 2599 over 18 years Matt Jones Refactored the build to use a <path> element fo... 3.1 KB 2598 over 18 years harris Added a target called metacat spatial to build ... 1.03 KB 670 over 23 years Matt Jones Updated build files with minor documentation ch...
build.xml 54.7 KB 2639 over 18 years harris Added an attribute to the metacat shapefile cal...

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2689 10/24/2005 05:09 PM sgarg

1. useSiteCoord option is made avaiable again
2. contact email address can be made required.

2688 10/24/2005 03:06 PM harris

Interim checkin -- getting the postgis database setup

2687 10/21/2005 01:26 PM Matt Jones

Added lter to list of orgs.

2686 10/20/2005 02:01 PM sgarg

New changes in the esa skin so that includes the moderator functionality and login/logout functionality

2685 10/20/2005 11:59 AM bowdish

These are all header updates to include the login and logout for the ESA Header links. I left the original Header and named it headerOld.html and saved the Slices
that go with it too. (the ESAHomeLogo.gif file might be overwritten) The code for
the header to work with the Logout slice and roll over is in the file headerLogout.htm. <td><a href="#" target="_top" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore();" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('ESALogout','','ESAHeaderSlices/RollOvers/ESALogoutR.gif',1);"><img name="ESALogout" src="ESAHeaderSlices/ESALogout.gif" width="57" height="17" border="0" alt="Logout"></a></td> The code for the login slice and rollover is in the header.htm file <td><a href="#" target="_top" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore();" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('ESALogin','','ESAHeaderSlices/RollOvers/ESALoginR.gif',1);"><img name="ESALogin" src="ESAHeaderSlices/ESALogin.gif" width="57" height="17" border="0" alt="Login"></a></td>

2684 10/20/2005 11:42 AM sgarg

Modified the login method in the perl metacat client so that status of the user logging is also returned
Earlier if login info was not valid, 0 was returned. And 1 is sent back if login info was valid.

Now, if valid then following values are returned to indicate user status...

2683 10/20/2005 11:39 AM sgarg

Added support in the metacat client for the new function added to MetaCatServlet

2682 10/20/2005 11:38 AM sgarg

Added a new action - getloggedinuserinfo - which returns information about the user in the following format.

<name>Saurabh Garg</name>

2681 10/20/2005 11:34 AM sgarg

Removed code entered in previous commit as it is no longer needed

2680 10/20/2005 11:32 AM sgarg

Also in the previous commit, the successful message changed. Now in addtion to the sessionid tag, the following tags also included: <name>[name of the user]</name>, <isModerator> (if is moderator) and <isAdministrator> (if is Administrator)

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