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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  harvester 2371 about 18 years Duane Costa Add bat file and shell script for use with the ...
  style 2705 over 17 years sgarg Change in nrs homepage so that search uses a ra...
  xalan 1662 almost 20 years berkley updated xerces and xalan
apache-license.txt 2.63 KB 1306 over 20 years Matt Jones Added required license files.
catalog.txt 1.64 KB 352 over 22 years berkley added eml-resource to the catalog
configxml.jar 15.1 KB 1479 about 20 years Jing Tao Change type from text to binary in cvs repository.
cos.jar 53.4 KB 798 over 21 years Matt Jones Modified Metacat to support large data file upl...
eml.jar 19.4 KB 1996 about 19 years Matt Jones Another eml.jar version with the appropriate co...
index.html 581 Bytes 1932 over 19 years brooke added JS to maintain ?name=value url params thr...
index.jsp 1.8 KB 1929 over 19 years brooke This is the merge from the branch WEB_UI_REDESI...
itislib.jar 8.05 KB 1573 almost 20 years Jing Tao Add a itislib.jar file for metacat(morpho code ...
ldapweb.cfg 1.85 KB 2340 over 18 years sgarg Integrating ldapweb.cfg code into metacat CVS t...
log4j-1.2.12.jar 350 KB 2584 over 17 years sgarg Adding log4j jar file and file... 2.67 KB 2667 over 17 years sgarg Made logging configuration and format changes i... 5.78 KB 2577 over 17 years sgarg Added three new options for specifying the mode...
morpho.jar 974 KB 1572 almost 20 years Jing Tao Make morpho.jar is binary file tag in cvs.
postgresql-8.0-312.jdbc3.jar 341 KB 2599 over 17 years Matt Jones Refactored the build to use a <path> element fo...
postgresql-license.txt 1.59 KB 2599 over 17 years Matt Jones Refactored the build to use a <path> element fo...
server-deploy.wsdd 420 Bytes 1812 over 19 years Jing Tao File to deploy metacat web service.
web.xml.tomcat3 5.51 KB 2383 about 18 years Duane Costa Add a new HarvesterServlet for running Harveste...
web.xml.tomcat4 3.42 KB 2548 over 17 years sgarg Added mapping for the replication servlet which...
web.xml.tomcat5 3.58 KB 2575 over 17 years Jing Tao Add another servlet url mapping for replication.
xercesImpl.jar 875 KB 1662 almost 20 years berkley updated xerces and xalan

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
2705 11/01/2005 09:35 AM sgarg

Change in nrs homepage so that search uses a radio button instead of check box

2704 11/01/2005 09:14 AM sgarg

Change in nceas homepage so that search uses a radio button instead of check box

2695 10/26/2005 02:20 PM sgarg

Bugfix in the query sent to metacat

2694 10/26/2005 10:17 AM sgarg

Bugfix in the metacat query generated in javascript

2692 10/25/2005 02:54 PM bowdish

changed old link for Long-Term Studies Section to current link

2691 10/25/2005 02:51 PM bowdish

this file is used in Fireworks to make the header and the slices

2689 10/24/2005 05:09 PM sgarg

1. useSiteCoord option is made avaiable again
2. contact email address can be made required.

2687 10/21/2005 01:26 PM Matt Jones

Added lter to list of orgs.

2686 10/20/2005 02:01 PM sgarg

New changes in the esa skin so that includes the moderator functionality and login/logout functionality

2685 10/20/2005 11:59 AM bowdish

These are all header updates to include the login and logout for the ESA Header links. I left the original Header and named it headerOld.html and saved the Slices
that go with it too. (the ESAHomeLogo.gif file might be overwritten) The code for
the header to work with the Logout slice and roll over is in the file headerLogout.htm. <td><a href="#" target="_top" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore();" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('ESALogout','','ESAHeaderSlices/RollOvers/ESALogoutR.gif',1);"><img name="ESALogout" src="ESAHeaderSlices/ESALogout.gif" width="57" height="17" border="0" alt="Logout"></a></td> The code for the login slice and rollover is in the header.htm file <td><a href="#" target="_top" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore();" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('ESALogin','','ESAHeaderSlices/RollOvers/ESALoginR.gif',1);"><img name="ESALogin" src="ESAHeaderSlices/ESALogin.gif" width="57" height="17" border="0" alt="Login"></a></td>

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