From 08/25/2014 to 09/23/2014


04:19 PM Task #6604 (Resolved): State provenance in the search results
Add a statement to the search result list for search result items that have provenance relationships to other dataset... Lauren Walker
04:16 PM Feature #6603 (New): Display related datasets at the bottom of the Metadata View
The bottom of the Metadata view will contain a list of datasets that are somehow related via provenance to the curren... Lauren Walker
04:11 PM Task #6602 (Resolved): Add provenance statements underneath entity thumnails & details in the Metadata View
See the screenshot mockup attached to #6566.
Add statements made up of provenance triples such as "This table was ...
Lauren Walker
04:09 PM Task #6601 (Rejected): Display code previews as thumbnails in the Metadata View
Display a preview of code as a thumbnail in the Metadata view, similar to how image thumbnails will be displayed (#65... Lauren Walker
04:07 PM Task #6600 (Rejected): Display a data table preview thumnail in the Metadata view
Display a preview of the data as a thumbnail in the Metadata view, similar to how image thumbnails will be displayed ... Lauren Walker
04:05 PM Task #6599 (New): Display image thumbnails in the Metadata View
Currently images are displayed at almost full size. The images should instead be contained within a thumbnail div so ... Lauren Walker
03:57 PM Story #6598 (Resolved): Add Provenance to the DataCatalog and Metadata views
Lauren Walker
03:56 PM Task #6566 (Feedback): Design how derived datasets will look in search results and the metadata view
Some mockups have been done, two of which are attached, and reviewed by the NCEAS dev team and the DataONE Sem-prov P... Lauren Walker
03:53 PM Bug #6397 (Resolved): About view is not rendering in IE 8
I made some IE 8 compatibility changes that fixed this problem. Lauren Walker
03:51 PM Feature #6412 (Resolved): Create print-friendly version for PDFs of rendered metadata
Lauren Walker
03:26 PM Bug #6526 (Resolved): Can't open on IE 8
Lauren Walker


09:59 AM Feature #6514 (Resolved): Retrieve facets of the geohashes for all search results and map those facets
Lauren Walker


03:28 PM Feature #6597 (Resolved): Display a map marker icon for each geographic region in a dataset in the search results list
Lauren Walker


12:43 PM Task #6570 (Resolved): Display the marker and its infowindow when a dataset is hovered on in the list
Lauren Walker


08:03 AM Task #6569 (Resolved): Map markers for most results when the number found is less than a certain threshold
For now, the map will draw a marker when there is only 1 result for that geohash tile.
The Map Model can be chang...
Lauren Walker
07:26 AM Bug #6585 (Resolved): Temporal coverage chart fails in the Stats View when there is no temporal data coverage
This error was being caused when the index had no values for the field beginDate. The Stats Model now just uses the e... Lauren Walker


09:17 AM Task #6568 (Resolved): Add info windows to markers and tiles
Lauren Walker


04:32 PM Task #6561 (Resolved): Allow different map options for different themes
A Map model now exists to set various map options such as tile color and border, tile label color, the option to draw... Lauren Walker
04:15 PM Bug #6563 (Resolved): Return to Page 1 when user zooms in on map
See Lauren Walker
03:52 PM Feature #6573 (Resolved): Expand Not Found error message on metadata view
The error message now reads:
Nothing was found for one or more of the following reasons:
The content was removed ...
Lauren Walker
01:55 PM Feature #6552 (Resolved): Truncate the ID in the package contents table in Metadata View
Changed the CSS of each theme to cut off IDs with an ellipsis.
Lauren Walker
01:33 PM Bug #6541 (Resolved): "Details" links from package contents tables do not work (no associated anchor tag)
The "Details" link does not get inserted when the metadata does not have "Other Entity" details.
The "Details" anc...
Lauren Walker
07:53 AM Bug #6480 (Resolved): Google Maps API fails often
These Gmap errors were occurring because the app would define the GMaps URL in the Require configuration, then would ... Lauren Walker


04:27 PM Feature #6590 (Resolved): Use geohash feature in the dataone theme
The Dataone theme now uses the same DataCatalogView as other themes, including the geohash feature. The Search model ... Lauren Walker


03:06 PM Feature #6590 (Resolved): Use geohash feature in the dataone theme
Lauren Walker

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