From 07/29/2015 to 08/27/2015


01:09 PM Task #5984: Create Lab/Group/Org view of the system
This is possible now with the new User profile/portal features. We don't yet have the ability to give an organization... Lauren Walker
01:07 PM Task #6837 (Resolved): Show ORCIDs in the autocomplete dropdowm when adding members to a group and mapping equiv identities
Lauren Walker
01:06 PM Task #6836 (Resolved): Don't display "add member" for group members (non-owners)
Lauren Walker
01:05 PM Task #6835 (Resolved): Show data owned by all equivalent identities of the logged-in user
Search for data that has any of the equivalent identities as a rightsHolder Lauren Walker
10:24 AM Task #6734: Show a list of apps that use the DataONE API and token
I've noted that they are "Coming soon" - we can turn off all the token features in the URL until they are actually su... Lauren Walker
10:19 AM Task #6734: Show a list of apps that use the DataONE API and token
Of course, none of those yet actually support the token. So we'll have to watch the timing of the release of these t... Matt Jones
09:42 AM Task #6734 (Resolved): Show a list of apps that use the DataONE API and token
Apps listed (let me know if anything is missing)
R Client
Matlab Client
Lauren Walker


11:13 AM Task #6807 (Resolved): Enable direct links to sections of the user portal
Links that work:
#profile/{username}/settings/accounts (Account and Identity Mgmt)
Lauren Walker


02:02 PM Task #6741 (Resolved): Display profile differently when the user hasn't uploaded anything yet
Lauren Walker


05:04 PM Feature #6404: Add an API synopsis page that gives a quick overview of the DataONE API and other developer tools.
Updated the API page, which is now accessible in MetacatUI at the /#api route. Needs editing before release. Matt Jones
11:42 AM Task #6736 (Resolved): Add a helper tooltip to explain groups
Lauren Walker
11:42 AM Task #6733 (Resolved): Allow users to create a new group
Lauren Walker
11:42 AM Task #6732 (Resolved): Allow user to add or remove members of a group if they are the owner
Lauren Walker


11:08 AM Feature #6832: Use /packages endpoint (with Metacat 2.5.0)
Changing to 1.8.0 since I wouldn't want to break someone's MetacatUI installation when they update to the latest 1.7.... Lauren Walker
11:01 AM Feature #6832 (Resolved): Use /packages endpoint (with Metacat 2.5.0)
MetacatUI 1.7.2 should have the option to use Metacat 2.5.0, which will use the /packages endpoint instead of /package. Lauren Walker


02:11 PM Task #6806 (Resolved): Display basic info such as first and last name in the group member list
Lauren Walker


03:35 PM Task #6830 (Resolved): Show the owner of the group in the group list
Lauren Walker
02:24 PM Task #6830 (Resolved): Show the owner of the group in the group list
Lauren Walker


11:38 AM Feature #6814 (Resolved): Reorganize the filter sidebar
Lauren Walker


02:57 PM Feature #6813 (Resolved): Add "constrain results to map" checkbox above map
Lauren Walker


04:26 PM Bug #6808 (Resolved): case-sensitive search
Use the 'text' Solr field types to take advantage of case-insensitive matching
Capitalize the first letter of the ta...
Lauren Walker


03:35 PM Feature #6811 (Resolved): Alphabetize member node list
Lauren Walker
02:43 PM Bug #6816 (Resolved): Autocompletes attempt to not overflow the edge of the window and end up covering the input boxes
Lauren Walker
12:23 PM Feature #6812 (Resolved): Change color of 'clear all' filter button in DataONE theme
Changed it all themes to a yellow, to make it obvious Lauren Walker
12:22 PM Feature #6815 (Resolved): Add help tooltip to "Jump to" input
Lauren Walker
12:22 PM Feature #6818 (Resolved): Update placeholder text and help text in Identifier filter
Lauren Walker
11:34 AM Bug #6817 (Resolved): Tooltip should show up on the hover of the text only
Lauren Walker
11:29 AM Bug #6819 (Resolved): Autocomplete doesn't always close after a search
Lauren Walker


01:25 PM Feature #6821 (Resolved): Add delay on tooltip in member node list
Lauren Walker
12:31 PM Feature #6822 (Resolved): Move "Description" link in metadata page table
Lauren Walker


04:34 PM Feature #6823 (Resolved): Hide title field from metadata page
Lauren Walker
03:38 PM Feature #6824 (Resolved): Hide "Search" breadcrumb when the user just came from the search
It appears as disabled, instead of hiding it completely. This still lets the user see a breadcrumb trail of the site ... Lauren Walker
03:08 PM Feature #6825 (Resolved): Add download attribute to download button to force download on most browsers
The download attribute was already being used in all Download buttons. The issue is that only a small number of brows... Lauren Walker
02:07 PM Feature #6826 (Resolved): Make entity details boxes the same width when there is a prov chart
Lauren Walker

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