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6397 Bug Resolved About view is not rendering in IE 8 Actions
6502 Feature Resolved Add a dropdown of working group keywords to the Registry form in the NCEAS theme Actions
6452 Task Resolved Add class to labels of donut arcs when user hovers over the arcs Actions
6528 Feature Resolved Add fancybox to the Google map image in the Metadata view Actions
6505 Feature Resolved Add Google Map image of spatial coverage to MetadataIndex view Actions
6568 Task Resolved Add info windows to markers and tiles Actions
6456 Task Rejected Add more interactivity to the line chart Actions
6366 Bug Resolved Add the upload date to the result list row citation if pubDate is not in the EML Actions
6438 Task Resolved Add upload chart title with total upload counts for each formatType Actions
6561 Task Resolved Allow different map options for different themes Actions
6487 Feature Resolved Allow searches on the DataONE CN  Actions
6450 Task Resolved Always display the last point on the line Actions
6504 Bug Resolved Build a "quick view" service in MetacatUI for ids pulled from the CN Actions
6526 Bug Resolved Can't open on IE 8 Actions
6443 Task Resolved Change colors of charts for default theme Actions
6442 Task Resolved Change colors of charts for GOA theme Actions
6444 Task Resolved Change colors of charts for SNAP theme Actions
6432 Task Resolved Create a Solr query to retrieve upload data Actions
6430 Task Resolved Create a view for each graph type so they are reusable throughout MetacatUI Actions
6429 Task Resolved Create data year coverage chart in user profile 0.00 Actions
6448 Task Resolved Create Solr query to retrieve temporal coverage data Actions
6428 Task Resolved Create upload chart for user profile 0.00 Actions
6515 Task Resolved Deploy the NCEAS MetacatUI theme on Actions
6302 Task Resolved Design mockup of user statistics page Actions
6541 Bug Resolved "Details" links from package contents tables do not work (no associated anchor tag) Actions
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