From 05/01/2008 to 05/30/2008


03:56 PM Bug #2998: Morpho uses 'allowFirst' by default when building access control
move to 1.7 release Jing Tao


11:46 AM Bug #2285: Morpho creates a duplicate dp that has an existing docid
Please note the information managers in South Africa are hesitant to upgrade to the latest version of Morpho because ... Callie Bowdish
11:13 AM Bug #2988: Custom unit does not allways create the needed <additionalMetadata> tags
Here is another error that looks similar that someone emailed me today. She will hopefully be sending me the eml and ... Callie Bowdish


11:16 AM Bug #3323 (New): Morpho has problem to handle special characters.
Generally this is working much better. However, today I tried pasting special
characters and quotes using from Word ...
Jing Tao


02:43 PM Bug #3314 (Resolved): Morpho abstract search comes up with 0
The Morpho search only for abstract comes up with zero even if that word is part of abstracts on the server. This bug... Callie Bowdish

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