From 05/31/2008 to 06/29/2008


03:33 PM Bug #2201: data not uploaded to metacat from morpho
Success with data table upload - Today I had Marissa create a new profile mbauer1 versus her older one mbauer. My dir... Callie Bowdish


02:18 PM Bug #2201: data not uploaded to metacat from morpho
Marissa Bauer is having a similar problem where she is able to use Morpho to upload the metadata, including the table... Callie Bowdish


11:58 AM Bug #3366 (Resolved): Default morpho network query is a slower query
Current there is no xpath specified in morpho default query. This means metacat will go through xml_nodes table to ge... Jing Tao


10:24 AM Bug #2981: Citations currently do not include, Data Registry Name, lsid and URL for domain
The citation for data packages on different Metacat servers than the one do not have the corre... Callie Bowdish


09:29 AM Bug #3358 (Resolved): Correcting invalid eml 201 document downloaded from metacat 1.8.0
There is the possibility of older documents with illegal eml trying to be saved to Metacat. If these older versions ... Callie Bowdish

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