From 10/04/2009 to 11/02/2009


11:48 AM Bug #4461 (New): delete local copy only deletes the most recent stored revision, but this is not indicated
When deleting a package in the package listing, the current behavior is to delete only the most recent stored copy. ... Oliver Soong
11:43 AM Bug #4460 (New): morpho package listing can be confusing when out of sync
This is a UI and clarity issue. Morpho's handling of versions is fine.
In the case of an old local copy and updat...
Oliver Soong
09:54 AM Bug #4459 (Resolved): Need a minimum display of access order in Access page
Currently morpho will use allowFirst as default access order. And it still respects the access order (denyFirst or al... Jing Tao

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