From 08/06/2010 to 09/04/2010


05:02 PM Bug #5128: access list does not show all dns in the LTER LDAP tree
The LTER network has increased the number of entries its LDAP returns, per Ben's suggestion. However, they had an add... Margaret O'Brien


10:16 AM Bug #5128: access list does not show all dns in the LTER LDAP tree
see related bug for probable solution on the LTER ldap server:
ben leinfelder


02:20 PM Bug #5141 (Resolved): offer a choice to "cancel" from any save
when a user choose to save a data package, there is usually not an option to cancel out of the operation.
1. For ex...
Margaret O'Brien
01:20 PM Bug #5139: morpho "preferences" and query speed
This is actually a Metacat issue. Metacat indexing by default is set up to index the fields that are used by our com... Matt Jones
12:54 PM Bug #5139 (Resolved): morpho "preferences" and query speed
Under "Set Preferences", a user can edit the Metacat installation that his/her client points to. It seems that Morpho... Margaret O'Brien
12:46 PM Bug #5138 (New): descriptions of queries need to be better described
Morpho currently has two options that run queries:
"open an existing data package"
"search for an existing data pac...
Margaret O'Brien


08:25 AM Bug #5118: export function error reporting
I'll see if we can get this into 1.8.1 release ben leinfelder

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