From 10/22/2012 to 11/20/2012


12:29 PM Bug #5744 (Resolved): Retrieve user identities from CN.listSubjects() rather than Metacat.getPrincipals()
The access control page needs to handle a D1 SubjectList rather than the Metacat principal list. It can still be a se... ben leinfelder
12:24 PM Bug #5743 (New): Include ORE identifier in search results
If we are truly moving toward an ORE-based packaging approach, our primary object (and identifier) should be the reso... ben leinfelder
12:22 PM Bug #5742 (Resolved): Save/open SystemMetadata objects locally
Need to save the SM and ORE documents generated on save and check for them when opening a package.
NOTE: current loc...
ben leinfelder
12:16 PM Bug #5741 (Resolved): Decide on login procedure
Out of band in browser?
Embedded browser?
ben leinfelder
12:04 PM Bug #5740 (Resolved): Add MN selection to Morpho preferences screen
For now we have a configured MN URL in the config.xml. This works, but does not tell use which environment the client... ben leinfelder
11:57 AM Bug #5739 (Resolved): Refactor login status to reflect client certificate status
Rather than checking session-based login status, Morpho should check for a) existence of client certificate, b) valid... ben leinfelder
11:45 AM Bug #5738 (Resolved): Refactor ping/connection status to use DataONE api
Morpho checks if you have a connection to the network server and displays this in the UI (checking periodically). I t... ben leinfelder


03:37 PM Bug #5737 (Resolved): Refactor Access page to use SystemMetadata rather than EML
Or a combination of the two different ways of defining access control rules. Still TBD ben leinfelder
03:33 PM Bug #5736 (New): Morpho DataONE refactor - tracker
ben leinfelder
03:27 PM Bug #5733: EML export places additionalMetadata section at top of page
Working well as a 'patch' for EVOS users ben leinfelder
03:18 PM Bug #5735 (New): Decide on primary package identifier
Morpho 1.x uses the EML datapackage ID for displaying search result records, opening, saving, etc.
With Morpho 2.x i...
ben leinfelder


12:30 PM Bug #5733: EML export places additionalMetadata section at top of page
This is fixed in the EML project trunk. Deployment could be interesting. Sarah Clark is the one who identified this i... ben leinfelder
12:15 PM Bug #5733 (Resolved): EML export places additionalMetadata section at top of page
Due to some ill-placed HTML in the xslt, the additionalMetadata block is showing above the Citation section when it s... ben leinfelder

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