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Blocks Morpho - Bug #5738: Refactor ping/connection status to use DataONE apiResolved11/20/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5739: Refactor login status to reflect client certificate statusResolved11/20/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5740: Add MN selection to Morpho preferences screenResolved11/20/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5741: Decide on login procedureResolved11/20/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5742: Save/open SystemMetadata objects locallyResolved11/20/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5744: Retrieve user identities from CN.listSubjects() rather than Metacat.getPrincipals()Resolved11/20/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5746: Save ORE objects when saving locallyResolved11/23/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5749: Reconcile identifier conflicts when saving to DataONE data storeResolved11/26/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5752: Create page for editing SM.ReplicationPolicyResolved11/28/2012

Blocks Metacat - Bug #5753: Implement mn.generateIdentifier()Resolved11/30/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5758: Morpho revision handling is fragileResolved12/03/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5761: Create page for editing SM.ReplicationPolicy for DataResolved12/06/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5762: Rework new profile wizard to not prompt for LDAP username/affiliationResolved12/06/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5763: Move sample jscientist data into new profiles using the LocalDataStore methodResolved12/06/2012

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5773: Morpho doesn't generate the system metadata for a data table created by data table wizard.Resolved01/08/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5775: Morpho doesn't allow users to modify the entity access rules at the second timeResolved01/09/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5776: No resource map was generated when uses use the new data package wizard and the new data table wizard to create a data packageResolved01/09/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5785: Morpho doesn't set obsoletes correctly for the local data package when a user saves a package to both local and networkResolved01/16/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5786: Open command only shows the local packages even though the user has logged inResolved01/17/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5792: In some situation, morpho uses the same frame to display two data package with different ids (one in local and one in network)Resolved01/18/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5795: Centralize identifier conflict resolution during save LOCAL+NETWORKResolved01/18/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5803: Tag a release of ECP client codeResolved01/23/2013

Blocks Morpho - Bug #5886: Rework AccessPolicy and ReplicationPolicy editingResolved03/04/2013


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