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119 Bug Resolved need logout and re-login capability
118 Bug Resolved splash screen updates
91 Bug Resolved need to synchronize accession# assignment & meta_file_id field
89 Bug Resolved login box should close automatically on success
86 Bug Resolved author only search fails to return proper resultset
82 Bug Resolved change behavior of single-click in querybean results table
81 Bug Resolved need ability to "round-trip" metadata (mde -> server -> querybean -> mde)
80 Bug Resolved disable content edit frame in mde
77 Bug Resolved "document type" search should be changed
75 Bug Resolved need "search network" checkbox
74 Bug Resolved Need to relabel dmanclient UI tabs
70 Bug Resolved mde fails to open documents if tmp directory is missing
67 Bug Resolved Need "not implemented yet" indication
66 Bug Resolved Need a progress bar on queries
65 Bug Resolved toolbar "Save" and File->save are different
64 Bug Resolved opening documents in mde fails because publicID not found
50 Bug Resolved new mdeBean generates NullPointerException when run
39 Bug Resolved Finish integrating saveToDatabase() functionality
36 Bug Closed mde doesn't handle PUBLIC ids properly
32 Bug Resolved need to generate structured query from client
12 Bug Closed compilation error in mde (
11 Bug Closed ibm xml parser jar file missing or corrupted
10 Bug Closed Current Drive problem
9 Bug Closed Win 98 Not recognized - error in getting working dir
8 Bug Resolved element without attribute causes null pointer exception
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