From 07/12/2004 to 08/10/2004


03:11 PM Bug #1653 (Resolved): Plot Downloads incomplete for a lot of plots: ASCII
When I select 1000 plots from MJenning's data and ask for them in ASCII format,
I got 680 plots in environmentalData...
Michael Lee
10:02 AM Bug #887: Load Jennings XML into new vegbank server
1K in VB
13K in gyro: optimizations needed!
reload with alliances translation
25K more from MJ
Michael Lee
10:00 AM Bug #1456: Plot query broken for guest user
works now Michael Lee
09:56 AM Bug #1220: Need systematic approach to viewing all data in database
*** Bug 1221 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Michael Lee
09:56 AM Bug #1221: Systematic solution to querying data
This is really the same a 1220, because both have to specify criteria for some
data to get from the db and then displ...
Michael Lee
09:55 AM Bug #807: Interpret taxon in extant plot
This now works beautifully on vegbank Michael Lee


11:51 AM Bug #1171: redesign header/footer/frontpage
done! on Michael Lee
11:50 AM Bug #887: Load Jennings XML into new vegbank server
Jennings passed data to Michael. Michael put through VegBranch. We have the
limiting factor of XML import though. 1...
Michael Lee
11:46 AM Bug #919: Advanced IP system, user-specific filtering of data
fuzzing of lat/long according to new rules listed on the wiki has been
implemented in VegBranch
Michael Lee
11:45 AM Bug #1224: Create VegBranch Lite, revise VegBranch
simpleImport and simpleEntry are done and in QA process. This is the equivalent
of VegBranch lite.
Michael Lee
11:44 AM Bug #1357: remove initial plots which are duplicates/incomplete
removed on vegbank! Michael Lee
11:43 AM Bug #1641: We need an FAQ for our site
now we have one:
Michael Lee


10:50 AM Bug #1642 (Resolved): maps for view and query!
Would be nice to see how many plots on a map and/or query by clicking on map.
Could be an image with an imageMap f...
Michael Lee
05:12 PM Bug #1357: remove initial plots which are duplicates/incomplete
hmm, I don't remember doing this on gyro, but the offending plots are not there.
So I need to still do this on vegba...
Michael Lee


09:35 AM Bug #1641: We need an FAQ for our site
What is your data model?
Is there more than one VegBank?
Can I run my own VegBank to serve data from another Coutry?
Michael Lee
09:33 AM Bug #1641 (Resolved): We need an FAQ for our site
Please add some Questions to this bug if you think they are/will be frequently
asked. Here's my first list:
How ...
Michael Lee

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