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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1967 Bug New Normal Fix downloader if takes too long: create file and set to download from private space later Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:41 PM Actions
1964 Bug New Low Business rules for allow plots in: minimums and how to enforce? Michael Lee 09/11/2006 05:00 PM Actions
1963 Bug New Normal Customize name displayed for a plant concept Michael Lee 09/11/2006 05:03 PM Actions
1958 Bug New Normal Replace USDA 2002 with USDA 2000 Robert Peet 09/11/2006 05:03 PM Actions
1956 Bug New Normal function to fuzz and unfuzz locations for admin Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:20 PM Actions
1955 Bug New Normal view my plots -- deposits, based on ownership + embargo chng Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:32 PM Actions
1942 Bug New Normal Implement ongoing automatic updates with NatureServe Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:50 PM Actions
1804 Bug New Normal export data from VegBranch into several formats Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:43 PM Actions
1608 Bug New Normal Load plots: NS/Hrtg: Nebraska: 1500 Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:48 PM Actions
1607 Bug New Normal Load Plots: Arctic releves Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:43 PM Actions
1374 Bug New Normal Get adding plant and adding community forms working with new model Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:47 PM Actions
1352 Bug New Normal choose which comms from commInterpretation - higher level obs summary Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:43 PM Actions
1229 Bug New Normal Implement plotValidationLevel : some fields required for input Robert Peet 09/11/2006 02:02 PM Actions
1226 Bug New Low Rectification: need a "possible duplicate plot" alert for incoming plots Michael Lee 09/11/2006 02:01 PM Actions
1073 Bug New Normal Allow Users to edit Entities that they own Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:57 PM Actions
1022 Bug New Normal Eval: Form to calculate summary of multiple plots Robert Peet 09/11/2006 12:02 PM Actions
971 Bug New Normal Build an observation synonym form Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:51 PM Actions
919 Bug New Immediate Advanced IP system, user-specific filtering of data Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:37 PM Actions
913 Bug New Normal Load database:Enquist-500: Salvias DB Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:46 PM Actions
904 Bug New Normal Training and outreach: self guided materials, or official course? Michael Lee 09/11/2006 03:14 PM Actions
902 Bug New Normal Load db:Stohlgren-800: complex plot design Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:42 PM Actions
901 Bug New Normal Load database:Mojave-1000: Kathy Thomas Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:42 PM Actions
895 Bug New Normal Load database:OR - NRIS-38000- duplicates with MJ possible Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:45 PM Actions
890 Bug New Immediate Load database:Peet _NCVS-4000: add in Fall 2006 Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:26 PM Actions
888 Bug New Normal Load database:Wisconsin-1500: point-quarter, Curtis (how??) Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:42 PM Actions
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