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02:15 PM EML Bug #2507: Data Manager Library: Create a EML parser lib to digest eml document
I like loader but it's not a perfect fit for the way the work is divided which is more like parse (eml) -> create (ta... James Brunt


01:12 PM Morpho Bug #2280: methodStep creation error
Some additional investigation - the Morpho editor is trying to enforce a
requirement of a <para> as part of the <meth...
James Brunt
12:58 PM Morpho Bug #2280 (Resolved): methodStep creation error
When creating the method step in the ingestion wizard - you enter a title and
description - this creates a section, ...
James Brunt


02:28 PM EML Bug #2054: use of <any> in additionalMetadata is invalid
Matt's suggestion to create a <metadata> element seems OK to me - it's just as
easy as any of the others to retrofit ...
James Brunt
12:24 PM EML Bug #2054: use of <any> in additionalMetadata is invalid
<additionalMetadata> is already unbounded though so making <describes>
required and solo seems the best option. Woul...
James Brunt


10:26 AM EML Bug #495: create FAQ for EML
Chad, this looks great. Being not familiar with Docbook can you tell me how to
insert sectioning into the QandA feature?
James Brunt


01:58 PM EML Bug #495: create FAQ for EML
I've checked the first real draft into cvs for comments, formatting, additions,
etc. I'm hoping someone will take on ...
James Brunt


10:55 AM EML Bug #495: create FAQ for EML
I've added some more text and formatted the document. I've got a lot of editing
and polishing and some more answers t...
James Brunt


08:13 AM EML Bug #495: create FAQ for EML
I would appreciate suggestions on the formatting. I have this homegrown one that
Matt did that I can modify to have s...
James Brunt


10:27 AM EML Bug #495: create FAQ for EML
I've added another page of questions from my yellow pad and some more answers.
Still unedited for the most part. Sinc...
James Brunt

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